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Operations on Numbers

Mixed Operations

We have learned about the mathematical operations – Addition and Subtraction.

  • Addition: To find out the total
  • Subtraction: To find out the difference
G1_1_mixed Operation_chart

Addition and Subtraction Facts:

  1. When we add 0 to a number or subtract 0 from a number, we get the same number.
  2. Example :



  3. When we add 1 to a number, we get the number that comes after. When we subtract 1 from a number, we get a number that comes before that number.
  4. Example :



    G1_2_Mixed Operation_Chart
  5. Addition fact:
  6. G1_3_Mixed Operation_Chart

    Adding 2 + 3 and 3 + 2 get the same answer as 5.

  7. Subtraction fact :
  8. G1_4_Mixed Operation_Chart

    Subtracting 2 from 5, we will get the answer 3, and subtracting 3 from 5 we will get the answer 2.

  9. Fact family :
  10. G1_5_Mixed Operation_Chart

    To find missing numbers in addition or subtraction, we can use fact families.

Word Problems

We can solve a word problem involving addition or subtraction by following steps.

Step 1 : Find out which operation we need to do.

Step 2 : Identify the numbers with which we have to do the operation.

Step 3 : Find out the answer.

Example :

Question 1: Joy has 2 books. Merry gives him 2 more books. How many books does Joy has now?


Step 1: Here we need to find the total number of books. So, we need to do the addition.

Step 2: Joy has 2 books and he got 2 more books. So, we need to add 2 and 2.

Step 3:

G1_6_Mixed Operations_books


Joy has 4 books in total.

Question 2 : Tom has 7 toy cars. Max has 3 toy cars. How many more cars does Tom has than Max?

G1_7_mixed Operations_car


Step 1: Here we need to find the difference. So, we need to do the Subtraction.

Step 2: The number 7 is the larger number here. So, we need to subtract 3 from 7.

Step 3: 7-3=4

Tom has 4 more cars than the Max.

G1_8_Mixed Operations_did you know

G1_9_Mixed Operations_Mind Map
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