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Operations on Numbers

Mixed Operations for Class 1 Maths

The student will learn to use addition and Subtraction, both operations simultaneously in mixed operations for class 1 maths. Here the discussion is about addition and subtraction facts.

In this learning concept, the students will learn to

  • addition facts
  • subtraction facts
  • fact family
  • mixed word problems

Each concept is explained to class 1 maths students with illustrations and examples, and a concept map is given to summarize the idea. At the end of the page, two printable worksheets with solutions are attached for students to practice.

Mixed Operations

We have learned about the mathematical operations – Addition and Subtraction.

  • Addition: To find out the total
  • Subtraction: To find out the difference
mixed Operation_chart

Addition and Subtraction Facts:

When we add 0 to a number or subtract 0 from a number, we get the same number.

Example :



  • When we add 1 to a number, we get the number that comes after. When we subtract 1 from a number, we get a number that comes before that number.
  • Example :



    1 add

    Addition fact:

    addition sums

    Adding 2 + 3 and 3 + 2 get the same answer as 5.

    Subtraction fact :

    subtraction sums for class 1

    Subtracting 2 from 5, we will get the answer 3, and subtracting 3 from 5 we will get the answer 2.

    Fact family :

    girl images

    To find missing numbers in addition or subtraction, we can use fact families.

    Mixed Word Problems

    We can solve a word problem involving addition or subtraction by following steps.

    Step 1 : Find out which operation we need to do.

    Step 2 : Identify the numbers with which we have to do the operation.

    Step 3 : Find out the answer.

    Example :

    Question 1: Joy has 2 books. Merry gives him 2 more books. How many books does Joy has now?


    Step 1: Here we need to find the total number of books. So, we need to do the addition.

    Step 2: Joy has 2 books and he got 2 more books. So, we need to add 2 and 2.

    Step 3:

    reading books images


    Joy has 4 books in total.

    Question 2 : Tom has 7 toy cars. Max has 3 toy cars. How many more cars does Tom has than Max?

    toy car


    Step 1: Here we need to find the difference. So, we need to do the Subtraction.

    Step 2: The number 7 is the larger number here. So, we need to subtract 3 from 7.

    Step 3: 7-3=4

    Tom has 4 more cars than the Max.

    G1_8_Mixed Operations_did you know

    G1_9_Mixed Operations_Mind Map
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