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Data handling

Picture Graphs


  • The information we have in which any particular objective is common through all the information.
  • Or
  • If we collect the information for any particular objective, then that information is called ‘Data’.

Example :

Dani, Shubhrato, and Jiya each have some chocolates. Count the number of chocolates each one has.


In this case the information of the number of chocolates associated with each one is called Data. This data represents the number of chocolates each one has.

Data Handling

  • Data handling means studying the available data and representing it or sorting it in such a way that anyone can easily understand it.

Example :

Suppose we have different colours of balls.


Now, we want to find out how many balls are there of each colour. So, we arrange the data like:


From arranged data in this manner, we can easily understand and get the number of balls of each colour.

So, the process of studying and arranging or sorting the data is known as ‘Data handling’.

We can arrange the data in the following manner:

  1. Picture graph (Pictograph)
  2. Table

1. Picture Graph

  • Picture graph or pictograph is the representation of the given data by using pictures or symbols.
  • We can easily collect the information from the pictograph by studying it.
  • The main advantage of the pictograph is, we can easily interpret a large amount of data.

Interpreting Pictograph

  • Title: It tells what the pictograph is about. It represents the main objective of the pictograph.
  • Labels: It tells what kind of data is shown or it consists of the main objects related to which we collect the information.
  • Pictures/Symbols: It tells the exact number of the objects.
  • Key: It tells each picture or symbols is equal to.

Example :

Kelvin and his friends are going on a picnic. There are a total of 12 children.


Each one brings his/her favourite food.


Now, if we want to know how many of the children are there whose favourite food is Pizza. We can make a pictograph here.

The pictograph looks like:

G1_6_PG_FOOD BOX.png
  • Title of the pictograph – Favourite food. It tells that the pictograph is about a particular food is liked by how many children.
  • Labels: In this pictograph, Pizza, juice, burger, chips and hot dog are the labels. They tell us that, we are collecting information about these foods.
  • Pictures: Pictures tell us the number of foods.
  • Key: Key helps us to count the number of objects.

From the above pictograph, we can easily find out how many likes to eat pizza.

Count each object.

Number of children who like pizza: 1

Number of children who like juice: 3

Number of children who like burgers: 2

Number of children who like chips: 2

Number of children who like hot dog: 4

In this way, we can easily get the information from a pictograph.


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