Rolling and Sliding Objects | Learning Concepts
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We have learned about 3-D solid shapes. Now let’s see which 3-d shapes can roll, and which can slide.

Rolling objects

  • Rolling: To move by turning over and over.
  • Objects with curved surfaces roll.


  • Sphere shape has a curved surface.
  • Ball is an example of a sphere shape. If we just move the ball it will roll.
G1_1_Roll-Slide_Curved surface
G1_2_Roll-Slide_Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball

  • Which 3-D shapes can roll?

    Sphere, Cylinder, Cone shapes have curved surfaces. So, these shapes can roll.

Real-life examples of the objects which can roll.

G1_3_Roll-Slide_Rolling objects

Sliding objects

  • Slide: To move objects smoothly along a surface.
  • Objects with smooth plane surfaces can slide.


  • Cube shape has a plain smooth surface.
  • Box is an example of a cube shape. It has a smooth surface. If we push the box, it will slide.
G1_4_Roll-Slide_Smooth surface
G1_5_Roll-Slide_Sliding box

Sliding box

  • Which 3-D shapes can slide?
    • Cube and Cuboid shapes have smooth surfaces. So, these shapes can easily slide.
    • But Cone and cylinder shapes can also slide. Cone and cylinder shapes also have smooth plain surfaces.
G1_6a_Roll-Slide_Boy G1_6b_Roll-Slide_Boy

Real-life examples of the objects which can slide.

G1_7_Roll-Slide_Sliding objects

Flipping objects

  • Flipping: To turn over the objects.
  • Creating a mirror image is flipping.

There are two types of flipping -

  1. Vertical flip
  2. Horizontal flip


  • Vertical flip: Top side switches to the bottom and bottom side switches to the top side.
    G1_8_Roll-Slide_Vertical flip
  • Horizontal flip: In the horizontal flip left side switches to the right side and right side switches to the left side.
    G1_9_Roll-Slide_Horizontal flip

New Words:

G1_10_Roll-Slide_Vertical line
G1_11_Roll-Slide_Horizontal line
G1_12_Roll-Slide_Mind map
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