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Thick- Thin

We call objects thick and thin based on their width.



In the given picture, the chalk is thick and the pencil is thin.

  • To compare the sizes of two or more objects, we do not use ‘thick or thin’.
  • To compare two or more objects, we use the words thicker, thinner, thickest, and thinnest.

Thicker- Thinner

The words ‘Thicker and Thinner' are used to compare two objects.



In the given picture, the banana is tinner than the pineapple .The pineapple is thicker than the banana.

Thickest- Thinnest

The words ‘Thickest and Thinnest’ are used for comparing three or more objects..



In the given picture, the first candle is the thickest and the third candle is the thinnest among the all candles.

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Did you know?

G1_4_Tall&Short_Did you know

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