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Concept: Food and Shelter of Animals

  • There are many food items around us. Some of us may like eating sweet foods, whereas some may like eating salty foods
  • Our taste buds and food choices differ. Similar is the case of animals. They eat a variety of food.

Food habits of animals:

  • Some animals eat only animal flesh and are called carnivores.
  • Examples:Tiger, lion, etc.

  • Some animals eat only plants and their different parts and are called herbivores.
  • Examples:Goat, cow, etc.

  • Lastly, some animals eat both plant and animal products and are called omnivores.
  • Examples:Bear, dog, etc..


  • A place where a living organism lives and grows is called a shelter
  • A shelter may be natural or man-made.
  • Natural shelters are jungles, lakes, seas, etc.
  • Man-made shelters are zoos, aquariums, kennels, etc.

Animals require shelters for the following reasons—

  • To protect themselves from rough weather.
  • To be safe from other animals.
  • To rest and give birth to young ones.

Let us look at the shelter and food of some common animals.

1. Lion:

  • Lions live in caves in forests.
  • These caves are called dens.
  • A lion is a carnivore.

2. Rabbit:

  • Rabbits can be both wild and pet animals.
  • They are burrowing animals and live in burrows in the wild.
  • As a pet, they are kept in a cage-like structure called a hutch.
  • Rabbits are herbivores.

3. Birds:

  • Birds weave twigs and other things like leaves, cotton, etc., together to form a comfortable structure called a nest.
  • Some birds like Eagles use stones to make nests.
  • Tailor birds make hanging nests.
  • Woodpeckers make their nest in tree holes.
  • Birds are generally omnivores.
  • Prey birds like vultures and eagles are carnivores.

4. Honey bees:

  • Honey bees use wax to make a beehive.
  • A group of bees called a colony lives in a beehiv
  • Bees are herbivores and feed on the juices of flowers, which they use for making honey.

5. Ants

  • Ants live in a group like bees.
  • They make a hill-like structure using sand called anthill.
  • Ants are omnivores.

6. Monkeys:

  • Monkeys are arboreal animals. They do not make any specific shelters and live on trees.
  • Other animals which live on trees are gorillas, chimpanzees, etc.
  • Monkeys are herbivores.

7. Bear:

  • Bears are found in jungles.
  • They live in caves.
  • Bears are omnivores.

8. Horse:

  • The horse is a domestic animal.
  • It lives in a man-made shelter called a stable.
  • The horse is a herbivore.

9. Cow:

  • The cow is a domestic animal.
  • It lives in a man-made shelter called cattle shed.
  • Other milching animals like buffaloes and goats are also kept in cattle sheds.
  • The cow is a herbivore.

10. Hen:

  • It lives in a man-made shelter called a coop.
  • The hen is an omnivore.

11. Dog:

  • The dog is a pet animal.
  • It lives in a man-made shelter called a kennel.
  • The dog is an omnivore.

12. Pig:

  • Pigs are found both in the wild as well as domesticated for meat.
  • Wild pigs live in the jungle, whereas the domesticated ones live in a man-made shelter called a pigsty.
  • Pigs are omnivores.

13. Sheep:

  • Sheep are domesticated to obtain wool.
  • They live in a man-made shelter called a pen.
  • They are herbivores.

14. Spider:

  • Spiders are insects.
  • They make their web-shaped shelter called spider web on their own.
  • Spiders are carnivorous.

15. Squirrels:

  • Squirrels are
  • They make their shelter in tree holes.
  • They are herbivorous.

16. Frogs:

  • Frogs are adapted to live both on land and in water.
  • They are generally found in water bodies like lakes and ponds.
  • Frogs are carnivores.

17. Marine animals:

  • Animals that are found in large water bodies like seas and oceans are called marine animals.
  • Marine animals can be carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.

Examples of marine animals are as follows:


18. Desert animals:

  • Some animals are specially adapted to live in hot sandy areas called deserts.
  • Examples of animals that live in the desert are camels and lizards.
  • Camel is a herbivore, whereas lizard is a carnivore.

New Words:

Mulching animals:Animals that make mik like cows,goats,etc.

Arboreal animals:Animals that live on trees.

Rodents:Animals that nibble due to their evergrowing front teeth

Did You Know?

  • Sheep, horses, cows, buffalo, and goats are together called farm animals as they are kept in open areas called farmlands.
  • Bears go for a very long sleep in winter and do not come out of their caves.
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