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My Body

Concept: Parts of My Body

What do you see in a mirror?

  • When you look at yourself in a mirror, what do you see?
  • Do all your friends see the same things when they look into a mirror?
  • Let us look at the parts of our body which we can see standing in front of the mirror.

Parts of the body


Functions of our body parts:

Our body can be broadly divided into the head, neck, torso, hands, and legs.

a) Head:

  • It is the uppermost part of our body
  • The head is covered with hair on the top.
  • The layer of skin below the hair is called the scalp.

b) Face:

  • It is located on the front portion of the head.
  • Face helps us in expressing our emotions.
  • Our face comprises of the following parts—
Eyes Eyes help us see. They are protected by eyelids.
Ears Ear helps us hear.
Nose It helps us smell.
Nose It helps us smell.
Forehead The portion between the hairline and eyebrows. Boy
Mouth We use the mouth for more than one purpose. The teeth in the mouth help us chew, whereas the tongue in the mouth helps us taste food and talk. Boy

c) Neck:

  • It is located below our head.
  • The neck helps rotate our head sidewards, upwards, and downwards.
  • It also joins our head to our body.

d) Torso:

  • It is the region of the body present below our neck.
  • All parts of our body are attached to the torso with the help of joints.
  • Our torso comprises the following parts—
Parts of the Torso
Chest It is the top region of the torso and protects the organs like the heart, lungs, etc.
Abdomen It is the middle region of the torso.
Belly button It is a depression found in the lower region of the abdomen.
Back The back portion of the torso.
Buttocks It is a part of the back region of the torso that is situated just above the legs.
Waist It is the middle region of the torso

e) Shoulders:

  • It is the region of joints in our upper body.
  • It joins our hands with the torso.

f) Arms:

Our arm comprises the following parts—

Upper arm The portion between the shoulder and the elbow.
Lower arm The portion between the wrist and elbow.
Wrist The joint where the lower arm joins with the hand.
Hand Located at the end of the arm
Palm The flat side of the hand.
Fingers Present at the end of the hands.

g) Legs:

Our leg comprises the following parts—

Thigh The upper region of the leg is present above the knee.
Knee The region where the upper leg joins with the lower leg.
Shin It is the front part of the leg from the knee to the ankle.
Ankle The joint where the foot and the shin join together.
Foot Bottom of the leg.
Toes End of the foot.
Heel The back region of the foot.

New Words:

Depression: Sunken, present at a lower position than the surroundings

Emotions: Feelings such as happiness,love,fear,anger,or hatered.

Did You Know?

  • Birds also have arms and legs like us. But their arms are modified into wings, and their legs are modified into claws.
  • The hair present on our eyelids is called eyelashes. They prevent dust and other unwanted particles from getting into our eyes.
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