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Community Helpers for Kids for Class 2 EVS

This concept, community helpers for kids, creates awareness among students regarding the people who make our lives convenient, like electricians, sweepers, masons, house-helps, etc. Here, the students will be introduced to the community helpers list that shows the people of different professions who help us.

After reading the concept, students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of community helpers in our daily life.
  • Analyse the list of community helpers and their duties.
  • Know about the benefits we receive from community helpers, like a teacher, the importance of farmers in the society, and what is an electrician?

Each concept is explained to class 2 students using descriptions, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.
Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept Community Helpers for Kids provided in PDF format.

  • We live in a community where many people do different kinds of work for their families.
  • Some go to offices, some run shops and businesses, etc.
  • People mainly work to earn money and meet their daily needs.
  • Everybody chooses the work based on one’s capabilities, resources, and availability.

Contribution of Community Helpers:

  • People that live in a community are involved in different works.
  • No human is capable of doing all the work perfectly. Also, due to a lack of time, some jobs are left unattended.
  • Due to this, we depend on helpers around us.
  • They make our life easy and comfortable.
  • Some community helpers like police officers, traffic police, etc., are responsible for maintaining law, order, and peace in the community.
  • Community helpers like doctors and nurses help in maintaining a disease-free neighbourhood.
community helpers activities

Community Helpers:

i) Sweepers:

  • Sweepers are hired to maintain cleanliness in public areas like parks, malls, walking areas, bus stands, railway stations, etc.
  • They mainly sweep the areas around us and dump the collected waste properly.
cleaning services

ii) House help:

  • An individual hired by our family to get help in household chores like cleaning, dusting, cooking, etc., is called house help.
cleaning services

iii) Vegetable vendor:

  • One who sells vegetables is called a vegetable vendor or greengrocer.
vegetable seller drawing

iv) Postman:

  • One who delivers our letters, parcels, or couriers is called a postman.
  • The postman works at a post office.• The postman works at a post office.
post man images

v) Tailor:

  • One who stitches clothes using fabrics is called a tailor.
tailor images

vi) Cobbler:

  • One who makes and repairs shoes is called a cobbler.
cobbler man

vii) Blacksmith:

  • One who makes different things using iron is called a blacksmith.
blacksmith shop

viii) Baker:

  • A person who sells baked items is called a baker.
baker pictures cartoon

ix) Doctor:

  • One who treats sick and injured people is called a doctor. Nurses help the doctors.
doctor images cartoon

x) Policemen:

  • One who the government appoints to maintain law and order in the community is called a policeman.
police images cartoon

xi) Plumber:

  • A person who deals with the problems related to water flow in our homes is called a plumber
plumber work

xii) Carpenter:

  • A person who makes and repairs furniture is called a carpenter.
carpenter work

xiii) Chef:

  • A person who cooks at restaurants and hotels is called a chef.
chef cook

xiv) Waiter:

  • A person who takes our orders and serves meals at a hotel or restaurant is called a waiter.
hotel waiter

xv) Mason:

  • A person who makes buildings is called a mason.
mason job

xvi) Architect

  • The person who designs a building or an apartment is called an architect.
architect design

xvii) Electrician:

  • The person who installs and repairs the electrical appliances is called an electrician.
  • They also help fit the electrical wires while constructing a building or apartment.
electrician work

xviii) Sanitation workers:

  • People who are hired to maintain the sanitation system of a city or area are called sanitation workers.
  • They take care of cleaning sewage systems and fumigating the neighbourhood areas to prevent mosquitoes and flies.
sanitary work

xix) Barber

  • One who cuts our hair is called a barber.
barber hair

xx) Teacher:

  • One who teaches us different things is called a teacher.
teacher images cartoon

xxi) Farmer

  • One who works in fields to produce crops is called a farmer.
Indian farmer

New Words:

Sewage system: A network of underground tunnels meant to dispose of the human waste from houses, offices and other settlements.

Fumigating: The action of purifying an area with the smoke of certain chemicals.

Common Mistakes

  • A type of dessert is also called a ‘cobbler’ because it is served in a wooden bowl and the topping looks like a cobbled pathway.
  • Long ago, iron was called ‘black metal’. So, a person who makes things out of iron is called a blacksmith.
  • A handyman is a helper who knows different kinds of repair works and can fix various things.
handyman services
community helpers list with pictures
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