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Health and Safety

Safety Rules and First Aid for Class 2 EVS

This concept mainly deals with safety rules for kids. Here, the students will be introduced to various safety rules they must follow in different places and situations.

After reading the concept, students will be able to:

  • Remember the safety rules at home and outside the home.
  • Create their own first aid kit box at home.
  • Identify good touch and bad touch.

Each concept is explained to class 2 students using key points, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.
Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept Safety Rules for Kids provided in PDF format.

What Is Safety Rules?

  • Keeping away from any situation that would harm us can be defined as safety.
  • We visit various places every day. While doing so, we must keep specific measures in mind that would keep us away from trouble or accidents.
  • In this section, we are going to learn about safety rules.

Safety rules:

1.How to Be Safe at Home?

The safety rules we must follow in our homes are mentioned below—

  • Keep away from sharp objects like nails, blades, nail cutters, etc.
  • Do not touch electric sockets bare-handed.
  • Stay out of the kitchen and never try to use stoves.
  • Do not walk on wet floors; you may slip and hurt yourself.
  • Do not lean outside windows or balconies.
  • Never play with a matchstick.
safety rules at home_safety rules at home with pictures
safety rules at home_safety rules at home with pictures

2. Safety on roads:

zebra crossing sign_zebra crossing images
traffic signal symbol_traffic signal images

3. Safety while travelling:

  • Never disturb the driver of your vehicle.
  • Strap a seat belt when travelling by car or bus. It protects you from sudden jerks.
  • Do not put any body parts out of the vehicle.
safe drive save life_safe driving for life

4. Safety while playing in parks and playgrounds:

  • Play carefully on swings. Do not push anyone.
  • Do not throw stones here and there.
  • Wear shoes or slippers while going to playgrounds.
  • While skating and cycling, wear helmets and knee pads.
  • Do not touch unidentified objects or luggage.

5. Say no to strangers:

  • Never accept anything from strangers
  • Avoid talking and going anywhere with strangers.
dangers of talking to stangers

6.Safety Rules at School

  • Never rush to enter or come out of the premise.
  • Don’t stand on desks or chairs.
  • Never indulge in quarrels.

7. Safety while swimming:

  • Do not enter a pool alone. Always be on the shallow sides.
  • Do not push or pull anyone inside the pool.
  • Do not jump around the boundary of the pool.
safety rules in swimming_swimming pool guidelines

Good Touch Bad Touch :

  • Some regions in our body are not to be touched by anyone.
  • These regions are called private areas. They are the groin area, the area near our buttocks, and the chest region.
  • If anyone touches us in these areas, it is considered a bad touch, and we should report it to our parents or teachers.
  • Touching the head, shoulder, hands, etc., does not make us uncomfortable and is a sign of good touch.
boy body parts photo_boy body parts diagram

Aims of First Aid:

  • The immediate help given during injury or accident is called first aid.
  • The basic steps of first aid are as follows—
    • Cleaning the area of injury with antiseptic lotion.
    • Applying an ointment.
    • Covering the wound with clean cotton and a bandage.
first aid kit for home_first aid kit items

First aid box:

  • A first aid box is made by keeping all the necessary things together, which can be used for giving immediate help to an injured person.
  • It comprises of the following things:
    • Cotton and bandage.
    • Scissors
    • Antiseptic liquid like Dettol.
    • Antiseptic cream.
    • Thermometer
Bandaging techniques_first aid tips

New Words:

Antiseptic: A thing that slows down or stops the growth of germs on the wound.

Groin: The region where the lower body is attached to the torso.

Did You Know?

  • When our nose bleeds, we should never put our head up to stop the bleeding. Instead, we should sit down and keep our heads low.
  • While sitting, we should press our nose with our fingers and breathe through the mouth so that the blood does not enter the nasal tract.
first aid tips
mind map on safety rules on the road
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