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Positive and Negative Contraction Words for Class 2 English

In this concept, the students will learn the formation of contraction words. This concept discusses how negative words are contracted by adding the letters n’t to make it negative.

In this learning concept, the students will learn:

  • To identify contraction in English grammar.
  • To form positive and negative contractions by replacing letters and adding an apostrophe.

The students of class 2 will learn all the concepts along with examples, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.
Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept Contraction Words provided in PDF format.

Contractions Meaning:

  • A contraction is a word that is shortened and combined by two words.
  • All contractions will have an apostrophe.
  • This apostrophe is used in contractions for a reason. It replaces any letters that were used in the main word and are omitted in the contraction form.
  • There can be both positive and negative contractions.
  • Contractions are used for reading as well as writing purposes.


a) For the word ‘I am’ the contraction will be ‘I’m’. Here, you can see that the letter ‘a’ of the word ‘am’ isn’t present in the contraction form. Instead, an apostrophe is used to represent that ‘a’.

Img1_Contraction Words example


Img2_Negative Words example

Types of Contractions

  1. Positive Contraction
  2. Negative Contraction

A) Positive Contractions

Positive contractions are the ones that don’t include the word ‘not’. A positive contraction always sends out a positive meaning.


  1. He is - He's

  2. They are - They'rs

B) Negative Contaractions

Negative contractions are the ones that mean ‘not’, so it includes n’t at the end of the word. A negative contraction gives out a negative meaning.

  1. He is not at home.
    He isn't at home.

  2. They are not there.
    They aren't there.

Common Mistake

Put the apostrophe in the right place in the contractions to represent the missing letters. This applies to all the contractions

Examples :

Img3_Contraction in English Grammar example
  • tickI’m a doctor.
  • crossI m’ a doctor.
Img3_Contraction in English Grammar example
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