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Sentences Construction

Concept: Sentence Sense I


  • A sentence is a group of words that have meaning and is created by using proper grammatical rules.
  • Sentence Sense is the construction of words in the right manner so that the sentence shows the right meaning.
  • Examples:

    Boy Girl
  • Sentences are divided into four types: Simple sentences, Compound sentences, Complex sentences, and Compound-Complex Sentences.

Today, we will learn about Simple sentences.

What are Simple Sentences?

  1. Simple sentences are those that convey a single and complete thought.
  2. A simple sentence comprises the most basic elements that form a complete sentence: a subject, a verb, and complete meaning.


  • Rahul waited for the bus.
  • Example
  • Vishal plays Cricket.
  • Example
  • In all the sentences mentioned above, there is only one idea conveyed through the sentences.
  • Hence, they are simple sentences.

Unscramble Words to make Sentences

  1. By unscrambling words, you can construct a meaningful sentence.
  2. This technique will help in developing sentence-making skills.

Take a look at the format of the sentence given below to understand it better.


First write the subject or the doer of the action followed by the verb. Depending on what is the action about, the rest of the sentence changes accordingly.

Use the question words like ‘who?’, ‘what?’, ‘when?’, etc., to know where to place the words. Words that answer these questions tell you if it is a subject, verb, or the rest of the sentence.


  • The first sentence in both a & b is given in a scrambled way where the words were not arranged in the right manner. They don’t express a complete thought.
  • The words need to be arranged so that the sentense is grammatically correct and makes sense.

Common Mistake

A simple sentence always expresses just one primary idea. Any sentence that tells more than one idea is not a simple sentence. Don’t get confused with such sentences.


The bus was late.

The bus was late as there was a lot of traffic.

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