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Sentences Construction

Concept: Sentence Sense II


A complete sentence has the name of a person, place, animal, or thing and the action done by the person.



Making a Complete Sentence

To make a complete sentence that is incomplete, you have to identify certain aspects of the statement.

Now, look at the following sentence:

  1. The flowers in the garden.
  2. Walked down the street

These sentences are incomplete since there is no complete thought. In order to make these sentences complete, we have to add words.

  1. The flowers in the garden look beautiful.
  2. The girl walked down the street.

In order to spot the missing words, you can use these clue words.


Use these questions words to question the part of the sentence that is available.


Michelle is _________the museum.

Ask the question, ‘what is Michelle doing at the museum?’. The answer would be the action ‘visiting’ done at a museum.

The Parts of Sentences

  • In order to construct a sentence, you need to know the parts of a sentence.
  • Every complete sentence has two parts: a subject and a predicate.
  • The subject in a sentence is what or whom the sentence is talking about and the predicate gives us information about the subject.


  1. The cat (is sleeping on the mat)
  2. Ravi (is talking to someone).
  3. The dog (is hungry).

Rules of Sentence Structure

While writing a sentence, always remember to follow certain rules, so the sentence is grammatically correct. Follow these rules given below to write punctuated sentences.

  • Any sentence will always start with a capital letter.
  • A sentence will always end with a full stop or an exclamation mark depending on the type of sentence.



Common Mistake:

Every sentence needs to have at least one verb. Do not miss the verb while writing a sentence. If the subject is singular, use the singular verb form. For plural subjects, use plural verbs.


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