Spelling Words with Double Consonants | Grade2 | Learning Concepts
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Concept: Spell Words with Double Consonants


Double consonant refers to when two consonant letters are written twice that is one after another in a particular word.







  • Consonants are all those letter alphabets that are not vowels which includes A, E, I, O, U.
  • Consonant letters don’t create vowel sounds.


 B, C, D, F, G etc.

Words with Suffix

  • Double consonants can be mostly seen in words with a suffix attached to them.
  • In some words, after adding certain suffixes such as -ed, -ing, -er, and -est, we usually see double consonants.
  • Examples:




  • In the first sentence, the word ‘dropped’ has double consonants (pp). in this example, ‘ed’ is the suffix added to it.
  • In the second sentence, ‘cutting’ has double consonant (tt). Here, ‘ing’ is the suffix added to it.

Let’s take a look at some of the words with double consonants after adding suffix.

Main Word After Adding Double Consonants
Stop Stopped
Grab Grabbed
Occur Occured
Sit Sitting
Drag Dragged

In the list given above, there are the main words on one column and on the other column you can see how the words turn out to be after adding double consonants.

Common Mistake

It is just the last consonant of a word which should be doubled up. Don’t double up any other letters in a word other than the last consonant.

Correct and Incorrect Usage:

Tap – Tapped

Tap – Taapped

Tap - TTapped

In the word mentioned above, ‘Tap’, while adding the double consonant, we have doubled up the last letter of the word ‘tap’ which is ‘p’.

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