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Position Words

Position Words for Class 2 English: Where is It Placed?

In this position words concept, there is an explanation about words that are used to talk about the location of objects. The students will learn in details about words such as in, on, under, near, below.

The following things will be taught in this concept:

  • Definition and examples of position words.
  • Common mistakes while using this topic.

All the concepts are explained to class 2 English students using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. You can assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page. Download the position words worksheet solutions for the concept, position words provided in PDF format.

What are Position Words?

  • Position words refers to those words and phrases that tells us about the position of people or things.
  • Position words are very common and you will come across these words on a daily basis.

Let's take a look at some of the most common position words:

Position words examples


  1. The dog sat on the table.
  2. The boy was hiding under the bed.
  3. The wall is very high to climb over it.
  4. His house is near my school.
  1. Under

    The word ‘under’ is used to speak about something that is lower than another thing.


    under example
  2. Over

    The word ‘over’ is used to speak about movement or position of something at a greater level than another thing.


    Sentences with over
  3. Near

    The position word ‘near’ means something which ‘is close’ to another thing.


    Position word near
  4. Below

    The word below means when something is lower in place or rank than another thing.


    Below in a sentence
  5. In

    We use ‘in’ as a position word to refer to any location or position within a specific area.


    The position word in
  6. On

    ‘On’ is used to speak about the position of something that is on top of another thing.


    How to add on in a sentence?
  7. After

    The word ‘after’ actually means a time that follows a certain period or specific point in time.


    1. After finishing lunch, he came to my house.
    2. She came here after me.

Common Mistakes:

There is often confusion between the position words ‘In’ and ‘Into’. ‘Into’ is used to express any movement toward something. ‘In’ is used to express a location.


Common mistake of Position words

Position word common mistakes

Position words chart
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