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Picture Composition

Write Picture Composition for Class 2 Using Clues

What is a Picture Composition?

In a picture composition, students are expected to write a composition based on the picture given.

Clues will be given to help students write a composition.

Examples :

Look at the picture given below and complete the composition using the clue words given below:


Clue words:

(Park, ducks, dog, football, lunch, fishing)


  • This scene is that of a park.
  • A family of six members is eating lunch.
  • A father and son are fishing.
  • There are two ducks in the pond.
  • The dog is playing football with a father and son.

How to Answer a Picture Composition with Clues?

Look at the picture given below.


Clue words:

(Girls, walking, sitting, market, boys, bringing, women, talking, reading, jewellery)

  1. What is the Location of the Picture?

    Look at the surroundings in the picture to get an idea of where it is located.

    Examples :

    The location in the picture is a ______.

    The location in the picture is a market.

  2. What are the Characters You See in the Picture?

    Characters are those people, animals, objects you will come across in the picture. These are naming words used to name the characters in the picture.

    Examples :

    There are six ______ and two _____ in the market.

    There are six girls and two boys in the market.

  3. What Actions are Performed in the Picture?

    Mention the actions that are performed by the characters in the picture. Look at each character and see what they are doing.

    Examples :

    1. The waitress is ______ food.
    2. The waitress is bringing food.

    3. Two girls are _______ and ______
    4. Two girls are sitting and talking.

    5. The boy is ______ and _____ a book.
    6. The boy is walking and reading a book.

  4. What are the Additional Details You See in the Picture?

    You can find out other details from the picture that will describe more about the characters. These details include colour of the clothes, number of characters, size, texture etc. These are describing words.

    Examples :

    1. Two ______ are walking out from the boutique.
    2. Two women are walking out from the boutique

    3. A woman is checking jewellery at a ________ shop.
    4. A woman is checking jewellery at a jewellery shop.

Common Mistake

Build your story around the clues. Clues play a crucial role hence don’t miss out on the clues while writing the composition.

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