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Coins and Notes

  • In simple words, Money is a medium of exchange.
  • It is used to pay for commodities and services.
  • We use coins and notes as money in India.

Coins and Notes

  • The currency of a nation refers to the type of money that is frequently in use there.
  • The Indian currency is called INR (Indian Rupee).
  • The currency of India is represented by “Rupee” and “Paisa”.
  • The symbol we use for “Rupee” is ₹. We also write rupee as Rs and “Paisa” as p.
  • In India, the currency is used in the form of notes and coins.





  • On the reverse side of each coin, there is the emblem of the Ashoka pillar.
  • G2_6_Money_Coins
  • In each note, there is the emblem of the Ashoka pillar on the right side and the face of Mahatma Gandhi on the left side.
  • G2_7_Money_Notes

Reading and Writing Money

Let us discuss with an example.

Example: Look at the picture. Read and write the price of the chocolate bar in words.

G2_8_Money_Notes (2)


The price of the chocolate bar is written as Rs 85.55. We will read it as Rs 85 and 55p.

In words, it will be written as Eighty-five rupees and fifty-five paise.

Real-Life Problem

Let us explain with an example.

Example: This wallet belongs to Rama’s father.


Find how much money does he have in his wallet? How many notes does he have in his wallet?


There are 1 Rs 50 note, 1 Rs 200 note, 1 Rs 500 note, note.

So, in total he has

Rs 500 + Rs 200 + Rs 50 = Rs 2000 + Rs 750 = Rs 2750

There are total 3 notes in his wallet.

G2_10_Money_Did you know

G2_11_Money_Mind map
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