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Concept: Heavy-Light

When we classify objects based on their weights, we get heavy and light objects.



You can see here; the weight of the boy is more than the weight of the girl. Therefore, the boy goes down on the see-saw.

So, the boy is heavy and the girl is light.

  • More weight – Object is heavy
  • Less weight – Object is light

New Learnings: Weight

Weight means the measurement of how heavy an object is, or amount of mass of the object.

We can weigh the object by using a balance to compare heavier and lighter objects, the side of the heavier object will go down.

Or we can hold the things to observe, if they are heavier or lighter.



Here, the watermelon is heavy, therefore side of the watermelon goes down. So, we can conclude that, the weight of the watermelon is more than the weight of the mango.

When we compare two or more objects based on their weights, we cannot use the words ‘Heavy’ & ‘Light’. Let’s learn more about it.


To compare the weight of the two objects, use the word ‘Heavier/Lighter’.



Here, since the marble is heavy, it goes down in the glass of water. The leaf is the lighter object, it is floating on the water.

So, we can say that, the marble is heavier than the leaf. Or we can say that, the leaf is lighter than the marble.


To compare the weights of three or more objects, use the word ‘Heaviest/Lightest’.



By holding each of the above given things, the boy can easily compare their weights.


  • The book is the heaviest among all the given objects.
  • The feather is the lightest among all the given objects.

Did you know?

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