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Long and Short

Here students will get the concept of the length of different types of objects and learn about long and short. They can also compare the lengths of different objects.

Students will get a brief concept about:

  • The longer and shorter objects.
  • Longest and shortest objects.
  • Difference between long and tall.

Each concept is explained to class 2 maths students using illustrations, examples, misconceptions, and mind maps. You can assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets at the page’s end.
Download the long and short worksheet for class 2 and check the solutions for the concept of long and short provided in PDF format.

Long and Short Objects:

When we observe objects based on their lengths, we say the object either long or short.

For Example:

long and short objects

You can see here; the length of the bat is more than the length of the pencil.

So, the Bat is long and the Pencil is short.

When we compare two or more objects based on their lengths, we cannot use the words ‘Long’ & ‘Short’.

Longer and Shorter Objects

To compare the lengths of the Two objects, use the word ‘Longer/Shorter’.


longer and shorter objects

Here, we can also say that, the bus is shorter than the metro.

Longest and Shortest Objects

To compare the lengths of three or more objects, use the word ‘Longest/Shortest’.


right arrow image

Here, the blue arrow is the longest among all the arrows.

Also, we can say that, the pink arrow is the shortest among all the arrows.

Difference Between Long and Tall

  • The word ‘Long’ describes the length of an object.
  • The word ‘Tall’ describes the height of an object.
  • Length is the horizontal measurement and height is the vertical measurement.

New Learnings: Length

Length is the measurement of the object from one end to another end. Length tells us how long the object is.


image of scale

Length can be measured in different units like metre, centimetre, etc.

Did You Know?

longest river in the world image

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