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A pattern is something that is arranged in a specific manner and repeated over and over again.

Patterns Around Us

In our surroundings, we can find so many different patterns. Some of them are man-made, and some of them are present in nature.

Following are some examples of patterns which are commonly found in nature.

G2_1_Patterns in shapes_Patterns around us

Following are examples of some man-made patterns.

G2_2_Patterns in shapes_Man made patterns

We can classify patters as:

  1. Growing Patterns
  2. Repeating Patterns

Growing Pattern

If the shapes in the pattern keep on growing in number, then it is called the growing pattern.


G2_3_Patterns in shapes_Growing patterns

In this pattern, the number of triangles is increasing by one.

Growing pattern in Nature

The peacock’s tail is an example of a growing pattern in nature.

G2_4_Patterns in shapes_Pattern in nature

Here the design of the feather is shown on right. The design of the feather is repeated many times in the tail of the peacock.

Repeating Pattern

If the shapes in the pattern are repeating, then it is called a repeating pattern.


G2_5_Patterns in shapes_repeating pattern

In this pattern, after a heart shape, there is a hexagon.

Repeating patterns in nature

The Honey hive of bees is an example of a repeating pattern in nature.

G2_5a_Patterns in shapes_repeating pattern

Here, hexagonal shapes are repeating themselves to form a hive.

G2_6_Patterns in shapes_Did you know
G2_7_Patterns in shapes_Mind map
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