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Concept: Clouds and Rain


The clouds we see in the sky are nothing but a large collection of tiny droplets of water floating in the air. The clouds move in the sky with the help of wind and are also responsible for rainfall.



In a cloud, tiny water droplets come together along with other droplets to form larger drops of water. As a result, the drops of water become too heavy to stay in the cloud. They fall on the earth’s surface as rain.


Rainfall occurs in almost every place on the earth. However, for various reasons, some places on the earth receive a huge amount of rainfall and some do not receive rainfall for years.

What happens when it rains?

  • Animals, plants, humans eagerly wait for the rainy season.
  • Before the rain starts, the wind starts to blow rapidly; trees start swaying, big and grey clouds come closer.
  • Lightning flashes across the sky, and the rumbling of clouds can be heard as well.
  • As the rain starts, our surroundings come alive; all the streams and rivers start gushing with water, the trees become greener, and the weather becomes pleasant.
  • When the rain stops and the sky gets clear, we see the colourful rainbow in the sky!

Difficulties faced during the rainy season:

  • When it rains heavily for many days, it creates some problems.
  • Heavy rains cause floods in the villages that destroy people’s houses, farming lands and other belongings. Also, trees, roads, electric poles get damaged. Animals get lost. Massive destruction takes place.
  • People in the cities also face problems during the rainy season, such as waterlogging, frequent accidents due to slippery roads, increased traffic, etc.
  • Flood water also creates health hazards.

Importance of rainfall:

  • The rainy season is a happy time for both plants and animals as they get sufficient water for their survival.
  • Human beings too look forward to the rainy season as the rainwater is important for carrying out all the agricultural activities.
  • Plants take in the water that has seeped underground through their roots.
  • Animals go to the nearby waterbodies in search of water.

New Words

Lightning:It is a flash of light that is seen in the sky and produced due to a thunderstorm.

Rainbow:When the sun shines after rainfall, an arc of colours is seen in the sky, which is called a rainbow. The arc consists of seven colours—violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

Did You Know?

  • Petrichor is the word for the earthy smell that comes after the first raindrops pour on the dry soil.
  • There are three types of rain clouds—cirrus, stratus and cumulus.
  • The driest place on earth is the continent of Antarctica.
  • The highest amount of rainfall in a day ever recorded in India was in Mawsynram, Meghalaya.
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