What is nature? Its importance and components - Learning Concepts
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Nature Around Us

Concept: What is Nature?

Nature and its importance:

Nature is a marvel that gifts us lots of things. Everything we see, eat, touch, hear, or feel comes from nature.

  • The water we drink comes from the water bodies in nature. The aroma of the first raindrops over the soil, the flowers, the ripened fruits, and many more things are gifts of nature to us. The food we eat also comes from nature.
  • The house where we live is built using materials derived from nature—rocks, bricks, wood, cement, sand, metal, etc. Our clothes are mostly made up of natural fibres such as cotton, silk, wool, linen (flax), etc.

Different components of Nature:


All these components are also called natural resources because they are found in nature and are used by people.

1) Soil:

  • The soil (land) on which we live, walk, build many things is an important aspect of nature.
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    2) Water:

  • We require water for most of our daily activities—drinking, cleaning, bathing, cooking, etc.
  • Water is also used in farming and in different industries.
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    3) Sunlight:

  • All living organisms, including humans, plants, other animals, insects, etc., are directly and indirectly depend on sunlight.
  • Without the Sun, there won’t be day and night, no changes in seasons, no winds, i.e., there won’t be life on the earth.
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    4) Air:

  • Air is required for breathing.
  • Air is the gas mixture that forms the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Moving air is called wind.
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    5) Living organisms:

  • All plants and animals constitute the living organisms of nature.
  • Plants and animals provide us with food.
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    Threats to Nature:

    Although nature gives us so many things to us, we damage nature to fulfil our needs like—

    • Cutting down trees.
    • Improper dumping of garbage.
    • Wastage of fuels.

    These activities cause environmental pollution, from which nature is suffering.


    Conservation of Nature:

    • We have overexploited nature so much that it has started punishing us with frequent floods, droughts, forest fires, and erratic rainfall.
    • To avoid these, we must take care of our surroundings. We should plant more trees in the neighbourhood and prevent the use of plastic.
    • We must throw all our garbage in proper places and reuse different materials whenever possible.

    New Words:

    • Atmosphere:

    The protective layer made of different gases around the earth is called the atmosphere. It is also further divided into many sub-layers.

    • Natural Resources:

    Natural resources are those that are found in nature and are used by man like air, water, light, soil, plants, animals, minerals, and fossil fuels.


    It is unhealthy to drink water coming straight from the top of the hill or mountain.

    No, as long as the water stream is clean and without any foul odour or any kind of garbage in it, it is safe to drink it during an emergency.

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