Picture Comprehension - How to describe a picture - Class 3
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Picture Comprehension

Introduction to a Picture Composition for Class 3 English

In this chapter, students will learn about picture composition for class 3. Students will know the definition with easy-to-understand examples. The skill to identify objects in the picture and name objects and actions in order to frame a sentence is taught to class 3 students.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • Ways to write picture comprehension answers.
  • Aspects to consider while answering questions related to a picture.
  • Describing a picture activity after observing the given picture.

Every concept has been elucidated with illustrations, examples and creative charts to make the topic interesting. Students can access the solved picture composition for class 3 affixed at the end of the page to measure their understanding. These worksheets are available with their solutions in PDF format. Picture comprehension with questions and answers pdf.

What is Picture Composition?

Pictures show us different characters and the various activities the characters engage in. The student is expected to describe these activities and the character’s surrounding portrayed in the picture.


images for picture composition

Q. Answer the following questions after observing the picture clearly.

  1. How many children are playing in the park?


      There are seven children playing in the park.
  2. How many slides are there in the park?


      There is one slide in the park.
  3. What do you see in the picture?


      I can see many children playing and enjoying in the park.

How to Answer a Picture Comprehension?

Let us take a look at how you can answer a picture comprehension.

Example of picture composition

So, if you are to write about the picture above, you can write it the following way:

  1. Naming Words: Use nouns or naming words to describe a picture.


    This is a picture of a local fair.

  2. Action words: Make use of verbs to describe the activities in the picture. For example, words like playing, eating, buying etc. are action words.


    1. The boy is buying popcorn.
    2. The girl is holding some balloon.
  3. Adjectives: Use adjectives for things or people to describe their appearance.


    1. A boy in a yellow shirt buys ice cream from the ice cream cart.
    2. Another boy in a black tee buys popcorn from the popcorn cart.
    3. A boy probably tells his father to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel.
    4. A small girl in a red dress carries balloons.
  4. Number and Gender: Use numbers to specify the number of people or objects. You can also use gender to specify about people in the picture.


    There are three boys, a girl, and a man shown in the picture.

    There are five rides in all, one game stall, and three food stalls.

  5. Objects: If there are objects in the picture, specify information like the name, colour or any other detail.


    1. There are carts for ice cream, popcorn, and snacks at the local fair.
    2. There are several rides and games in the fair which include Merry go round, Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Swing, and Pirate swing.
    3. There are several rides and games in the fair which include Merry go round, Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Swing, and Pirate swing.
  6. You can mention the position of objects or people using prepositions.


    • At the bottom/ top there is ...
    • On the right/ left there are ...
    • In front of /Behind... you can see ...
    • Between ... there is ...
    1. Behind the Carousel is a Pirate Swing.
    2. A small girl in a red top carries balloons is probably going towards a ride

    You can also mention other details in terms of colour or a general factual statement.


    1. The fair looks very colourful.
    2. Since a girl is carrying balloons, it shows that there is a balloon stall too.

Common Mistakes

  1. Observe the picture carefully. It takes time to observe a picture and find out the details. Observe the elements in it.
  2. Specify the action and the person performing the action. It could be that the same action is happening twice in the picture, but different people are doing it.


Common mistake example for picture composition

As in the picture above, we can see two sets of people carrying shopping carts. So it can be described like this:

A boy is seen carrying a shopping cart on the left side. On the right side, a group of three people are shopping, and they are using a single cart to put their things.

Let us look at the mind map below for a quick understanding.

Chart for Picture Composition
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