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Descriptive Writing Skills

Describe a Place for Class 3 English

This concept is a major aspect of descriptive writing and will assist students of class 3 in describing a place in an interesting manner that will captivate the reader’s senses. Students will also be able to know to avoid the common error that crops up while describing a place.

From this learning concept, students will learn to :

  • Use adjectives and other words to describe a place.
  • How to describe a place using sensory details with detailed examples and pictures?

Each of the concepts covered here has been developed using mindmaps, illustrations and easy-to-understand charts or diagrams, keeping in mind the grade and the topic. After going through the learning concepts, class 3 students can utilize the feature of solving two printable worksheets for better understanding. They can check the answers to the exercises by verifying them with the worksheet solutions that are available in PDF format.

Describe a place in a way that a picture is formed in the reader’s mind.Your essay should be able to convey a clear image of a location to the reader.

  • It can be divided into three or more paragraphs that include the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Other than giving factual information you can also convey a personal opinion about the location.
  • Describing a place includes:
    1. Mention the location, dimension, and facility
    2. Geographical location or people or dress or their food habits etc.

Describe a Place Example:

Describe Your Visit to the Zoo.

On a pleasant Saturday morning, my parents and I visited the Alipore zoo, in Kolkata. It was my first visit to a zoo. It is India’s oldest zoological park. My father purchased the entrance tickets. We saw many animals and birds there in their respective enclosures.

I saw swans, ducks, monkeys having bananas, elephants, lions, tigers, bears, deer, peacocks, snakes, horses, alligators, crocodiles, giraffes, ostrich, zebra, and more.

I enjoyed watching them all. I also heard the roar of the tigers and the lions, the trumpet of the elephant, the screeching of the monkeys, the quack of the ducks, and the chirping of the birds. We fed some of the animals and birds food.

I came across my school friend and his parents there too. After roaming the zoo, we all sat down together to have refreshments, food, and snacks. We clicked many pictures, including that of the animals. I had a wonderful time.

Image for describing a place

Adjectives Used to Describe a Place

Let us see what kind of adjectives are used in an essay to describe a place.

ancient beautiful
bustling charming
contemporary compact
crowded exciting
famous fantastic
fascinating huge
lively popular
picturesque polluted

Use Sensory Details to Describe a Place

Make use of sensory details while describing a place. You could use the following cues.

  • What do you see?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you feel?
  • What do you smell?


As the day begins, winds sneak peek into my room, causing a shiver down my spine. I have no choice but to wake up and open the window curtains. I hear the playful kids next door. I rush down the stairs for a walk to keep the chill away. I came back after an hour, and the aroma of hot tea relaxed me.

Use Sensory Details to Describe a Place

It is a warm ginger tea that comforts my dry throat and enthuses me for a hectic day ahead.

Steps to Avoid Common Mistakes

  1. Must include vivid details like what you see, hear, smell, feel, etc., so that it is able to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.
  2. Use nouns, verbs, and adjectives precisely.
  3. Arrange it in a proper manner in terms of location, time, importance, etc.
  4. The present tense is used to describe a building or a place. Past tense is used to provide historical information. If you are describing a place that still exists, you can use the present tense. If you are describing a place that you visited last year, it would be past tense.


Present Tense

The zoo is located in the heart of the city. It can be visited on any day of the week. It is a common picnic spot.

Past Tense

He took a taxi to the zoo. It was crowded despite the chill, and all visitors had come there to spend some time.

Anchor Chart to Describe a Place
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