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Fact & Opinion

Concept: Differences- Fact & Opinion


  • A fact is something that always holds true. They can be proven, and we can find them by doing in-depth research.


    1. All living beings need oxygen to survive.
    2. Jawahar Lal Nehru was the first prime minister of India.
  • An opinion is what you feel or think or a judgement about a certain thing or person or a matter. It cannot be proven right or wrong.


    1. He is a gentleman.

Different people could have different opinions about the person.

Opinion Signal Words

Let us have a look at the signal words that indicate it is an opinion.

Opinion Signal Words
best believe
feel good
important greatest
may might
most  must
probably really
should should not
worst never
every  seem
bad usually
better always
claim argue
think in my point of view
in my experience

Fact Signal words

There are certain signal words that indicate that a statement is a fact.

Fact Signal Words

Difference between Fact and Opinion

How do you identify a fact and an opinion? Some think they are quite similar, but actually, they are very different.

Fact Opinion
Facts never change, it always remain the same. It is a proven truth. Opinion varies from person to person.
A fact is a statement that can be proven false or true as it is supported by evidence or documents. An opinion is a personal view which cannot be proved true or false.
It is something that has happened in reality. This is mostly a perception.
Example: We ordered pizza for lunch. Example: The lunch was very tasty.

Common Mistakes

  1. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a fact and an opinion.


    1. Here it is raining now. – Fact
    2. You can see it is raining; hence it is proven.

    3. I think it might rain today. – Opinion
    4. You are not sure and cannot prove it until later so it is an opinion.

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