How to Infer Characters Emotions from a Text? Grade 3 English
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Make Inferences

Identify Character’s Emotions for Class 3 English

Students of Class 3 are introduced to character emotions and guided on how to determine them while reading text. Learners will know how to improve reading skills and the probable mistakes they could make while determining them.

In this concept, students also study:

  • The differences between character traits and emotions.
  • Factors to consider while inferring character emotions from a text.
  • Examples of emotions of a character like character thoughts and feelings

This concept is explained using pictures, mindmaps and acronyms to help recall quickly. A student can evaluate their understanding by solving the two grade-specific worksheets, prepared by experts given on the page. The worksheet solutions are also freely available and provided in PDF format.


  • Characters in stories have emotions. It is the way how a character responds to an event or a happening or a situation. Character emotions changes in a situation or after an event.
  • Emotions are feelings of a characters that change depending on the situation. This is where the difference lies between character emotions and character traits. Character traits are constant as they are qualities that make the character’s values.


Emotions Traits
jealous confident
nervous smart
sad protective
worried honest
confused kind
scared caring
relieved brave
safe rude
Character emotions

How to Infer Character’s Emotions from a Text?

  • Pay close attention to what characters say and do in the story.
  • Observe the character’s thoughts and how they speak with others.
  • Listen and think about what the character might feel as the story progresses.
  • Feelings cannot be told. They are shown through various actions or dialogues.
  1. Actions

    • Why did the character do that?
    • What might the character do next?


    Sushmita’s heart beat fast when she heard a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

    We can infer that Sushmita is afraid.

    Character emotions_scared
  2. Dialogue

    • Why did the character say that?
    • What is the character thinking?
    • Try to visualize the expression and gestures of the character.


    1. “Hurray! I got the job finally.”
    2. We can infer that the emotion of the character here is happy.

      Character emotions_happy
    3. “Stop following me”, Riya said to Jibin.
    4. Character emotions_annoyed

      We can infer that Riya is annoyed.

  3. Author tells more about a character:

  4. There are authors who indicate character’s feelings and emotions in the text itself. This makes it easy for the reader to infer what the character means.


    "Ah! there's another," said the man, with a certain satisfaction in his tone, as if he had caught sight of something expected.

    Above is a passage quoted from The Idiots by Joseph Conrad.

    As you can see the author mentions one of the character’s emotions during that point of time.

Common Mistakes:

Not observing what the character says, does and what happens to them.

A reader must pay attention to what the character does and says in the given situation. These are the clues that help to infer the character’s feelings.

Infer character emotions chart
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