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Letter Writing II

Concept: Informal Letter


  • An informal letter, also known as a friendly letter, is a personal letter written to friends or relatives. You can write an informal letter to anyone with whom you share a friendly relationship.
  • An informal letter can be used to convey messages or news, giving suggestions or advice, congratulating the receiver on an achievement, requesting any detail, etc.
  • It is a personal letter, written to whom you know well, like siblings, friends, parents, or any other person whom you are close to.

Format of an Informal Letter





  1. Address:Do not forget to write the first thing to write in a formal letter is your address on the left-hand side of the page, i.e. the address of the sender or the writer. It must be accurate and complete.


    58/1, Jadavpur Central Rd, Jadavpur,
    Kolkata, West Bengal -700032

  2. Date:The date must be mentioned just below the address in expanded form on the left-hand-side of the page.


    February 28, 2022

  3. Salutation/ Greeting:An informal greeting for someone you are close to.


    1. Dear Grandma,
    2. OR

    3. Dear Mom
    4. OR

    5. Dear Reyansh
  4. First Paragraph:This paragraph sets the tone for the letter. Mention why you are writing the letter. Keep the introductory paragraph casual.
  5. Body:The letter should have a friendly tone if it is for a friend. You must be respectful when it is for an elderly. Just remember how you talk to the person and then apply the same feelings to the letter.
  6. Conclusion:In the final paragraph summarize the letter. Do not forget to mention a loving goodbye to the reader.
  7. Signature:No strict format to sign off. Some commonly used phrases are ‘Lots of love’, ‘Best Wishes, ‘Kind Regards’, ‘Kindly’. Thereafter mention your name.


    Your loving friend,
    Rohit Saxena

  8. Once you finish writing your letter, read it thoroughly. Check for spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Common Mistakes

  1. Do not write the reader or the receiver’s address inside the letter.
  2. Don’t write a subject while writing an informal letter.
  3. Do not forget to write a closing expression and signature as they are essential parts of a formal letter.
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