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Kinds of Sentences

Concept: Interrogative & Exclamatory Sentences

What is an interrogative sentence?

A sentence that asks a question and ends with a question mark (?) is an Interrogative sentence. It is used to ask a direct question or require information.


  1. What is your name?
  2. Did you complete your homework?

What is an exclamatory sentence?

  • An exclamatory sentence expresses strong emotion and ends with an exclamation mark.


    “Happy birthday, my son!”

  • An exclamatory sentence begins with interrogatory words like ‘how’ and ‘what’ but ends in an exclamation mark.


    1. What a beautiful place!
    2. How fast she ran!

Format of an Interrogative Sentence

The typical format of an interrogative sentence is:

Helping Verb + Subject + Main verb Object
Do you have Coffee?

If you use a WH- word the format is:

Wh-word + Helping Verb + Subject + Main verb
When does the class start

How to Form an Exclamatory Sentence?

  1. The regular format of an exclamatory sentence is:
    Wh-word Noun phrase Pronoun Verb Exclamation Mark
    What a beautiful room it is !
    How cheerful he is !
  2. While using the word ‘such’ the format changes:
    Pronoun Verb such a/an adjective Singular countable noun or uncountable/ plural noun Exclamation mark
    He is such a jolly person. !
    They are such lovely people !
  3. To write an exclamatory sentence while using so, use the word before an adjective or adverb to make an exclamatory sentence or to indicate something superlative.

Word order: So + adjective/adverb


  1. The food was so delicious!
  2. That dessert was so good!
  3. That dessert was so good!
  4. Richa’s gift was so wonderful!
  5. I’m so tense right now!

Common Mistakes

Do not forget to end an interrogative sentence with a question mark (?).


Why did John arrive late?

Why did John arrive late.


1. Interrogative sentences can be in positive form too.


  1. Do you like tea?
  2. Did you do your homework?

2. An exclamatory sentence must end with an exclamation mark(!)


  1. What a beautiful picture! (Express surprise)
  2. What a stupid girl you are, Beena! (Express anger)
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