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Concept:Showing Place


  • Words indicate where an action takes place. They are also known as adverbs of place.
  • These words give added information about the verb.
  • Adverbs of place give information on distance or direction or position, or movement connected with the action of the verb.
  • They are also known as spatial adverbs.
  • Adverbs of place answer one important question: Where is the action taking place?


  1. Where’s my pencil? Oh, here it is!
  2. You can sit there. I’ll sit here.
  3. The phone is inside the drawer.
  4. She looked around.
  5. We looked everywhere.
Did You Know?

List of Adverbs Showing Place

Below is a list of common adverbs showing place:

Examples of Adverbs Showing Place
About near under indoors there inside
Anywhere on above nearby up off
backwards over away out abroad outside
down towards behind upstairs back outside
elsewhere underground downstairs overseas sideways right
in along far somewhere here below
within close by forward underneath north/west/south/east right

Types of Adverbs of Place

Certain adverbs are used to show location, direction, distance and movement. Let us have a look at them.

Types of Adverbs of Place
  1. Location
  2. Adverbs are used to show a particular position of a noun or verb.


    1. You will find the gift inside the box.
    2. Jenny lives nearby.
  3. Direction
  4. Adverbs are used to show the direction from one place to another.


    1. Glen ran past the bakery store.
    2. He walked across the road.
  5. Movement
  6. Adverbs are used to speak about movement in a specific direction.


    1. The boy saw the balloons drifting upwards.
    2. The sailors set sail westwards.
  7. Distance
  8. Adverbs are used to show how far something is located.


    Delhi is 465 km away from Leh.

Common Mistakes

  1. The adverb showing a place is usually located after the object or the main verb of the sentence.
  2. Examples:

    1. We are moving far away. (Adverb showing place follows the verb)
    2. Put the packet there. (Adverb showing place follows the object)
  3. Adverbs showing place usually don’t end in -ly.
  4. Example:

    I’ve lived here for three months.
  5. Know that words which indicate unspecified locations like somewhere, everywhere, anywhere, nowhere are adverbs.
  6. Examples:

    1. They live somewhere in Pune.
    2. Credit card is not accepted everywhere.
    3. Don’t go anywhere till I am back.


Some adverbs of place are confused with prepositions .When the words are used as prepositions, they must be followed by a noun.


Words Used as Adverb Showing Place Used as Preposition also
a. on When the train stopped, he got on. It happened on a rainy day.
b. over She fell over and hurt her leg. There is a man-made bridge over that river.
c. off She said goodbye and drove off. He got off the bus quickly.
d. in They dropped in as soon as he left. The children are playing in the park.
e. down He lay down and fell asleep. He was walking down the lane.
f. behind The old man was hit from behind. Close the window behind you.
Mindmap for Adverbs Showing Place
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