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Descriptive Writing Skills

Concept: Similes


  • A simile is a figure of speech that is used to compare two things or feelings or actions.
  • A comparison is used to describe two different things. Similes use the word ‘as’ or ‘like’.
  • Its aim is to describe one thing by comparing it to another thing that is apparently unrelated.


  1. She is as busy as a bee.

    In the above example, one is a human and the other is an insect.

  2. He runs like a cheetah.

    In the above example, one is a human, and the other is a feline animal.

Common Similes using ‘as’

Let us have a look at a list of common similes ‘ as something as something else’ to show a comparison.

as black as coal as blind as a bat
as brave as a lion as clear as mud
as clear as crystal as cunning as a fox
as cool as a cucumber as cold as ice
as deaf as a post as easy as ABC
as flat as a pancake as fresh as a daisy
as gentle as a lamb as helpless as a baby
as hungry as a bear as light as a feather
as proud as a peacock as playful as a kitten
as quick as lightning as silent as the grave

Common Similes Using ‘Like’

Let us have a look at similes that make comparisons using ‘something like something else’.

sing like an angel eat like a bird
fight like cats and dogs soar like an eagle
swim like a fish sleep like a log
smell like a rose eat like a pig
shine like the stars explode like a volcano
shine like diamonds slept like a baby
sweet like sugar strong like a raging bull
soft like a lamb have eyes like a hawk
race like a scared bunny work like a dream

How to Write a Simile?

  1. Think of an object or a person and what you want to say about it. Do you want to say that something is huge, beautiful, or some quality for which you don’t have a describing word?
  2. Think of the things that display similar or the same characteristics. Combine it by saying that the first thing is “like” the second thing.
  3. If you want to emphasize a certain aspect, then you say the first thing is ‘as’ the second thing. For example, as beautiful, as smart, as ugly, etc.
  4. A simile is used to give a picture in the reader’s mind about a situation or a character. Ensure that it is a rich image.


  1. They fight like cats and dogs.
  2. The dress looks as bright as the sun.


  1. Similes are not always formed by ‘like’ or ‘as’. There are some similes with adverbs like ‘than’ and ‘as if’. For instance:


    1. She was crying as if she was mad.
    2. Boy
    3. His grandfather is older than the hills.
    4. Boy
  2. In case of the ‘as’ pattern, the first as can be skipped.


    Her hair is smooth as silk.

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