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Story Writing

Concept: Story Retelling with the help of Prompts


Story retelling with the help of prompts involves determining the major parts of the story in order, which includes setting, characters, incident, problems and conclusion.


Story: Morning Routine


How do you retell the story with the help of jumbled-up pictures as prompts?

We can arrange the pictures sequentially:


Saanvi, the little girl, first gets up in the morning. (Beginning Setting: morning. Character: Saanvi)


Then, Saanvi goes to the bathroom and starts brushing her teeth. (Middle)


Finally, she washes her face. (End or the conclusion)

Story Retelling Features

A story retelling must include the following:

  • Main character
  • Must be presented in order
  • The essence or the problem or incident or event must be present
  • It must have a solution or the end
  • Must include only those events that are very important for the story. Leave out the unimportant incidents.

Common Mistakes

  1. Referring to all the important characters as ‘her’, ‘him,’ or ‘they’ is a major mistake that students commit.
  2. Ignoring important parts of the story and focusing more on only one section of a story.
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