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Stretch a Sentence with ‘WH’ Words for Class 3 English

In this chapter, students will know to expand sentences using ‘wh’ question words. Besides, they will be able to identify common errors that might occur while using them.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • Stretch a sentence format with wh question words in English.
  • Order of wh- words to follow while stretching a sentence with examples.

Every concept covered in this website has illustrations and mind maps with picture examples. Class 3 students can also access the two free printable ‘wh’ words worksheets to expand sentences, are given at the end of the page. This will help them to understand and learn the topic in depth. These worksheets are available with their solutions in PDF format.


  • Stretching a sentence means extending it by adding one or more words to give more information. It could be a phrase, a few words, or multiple clauses.
  • A sentence can be expanded using when, where, why, who and how. This helps to give more information and make the sentence less boring.

How to Stretch a Sentence with ‘Wh’ Words?

Let us see how to use the following details to stretch a sentence.
Who? Indicate more about a person, thing, or animal.
Examples: The boy won the race.

Example for expanding a sentence with ‘Wh’ words

What? Explain what the subject or the noun does.
Examples: The girl was writing an essay.

Stretching a sentence with why example

Where? Explain where the action takes place.
Examples: He left for Kolkata last Monday.

Stretching a sentence with why example

When? Explain when an action or event occurs.
Examples: He left for Kolkata last Monday.

Stretching a sentence with why example

Why? Explain the reason why something happens.
Examples: She was tired so she slept early.

Stretching a sentence with why example

How? Explain how something takes place.
Examples: The girl cheered for her friend loudly at the program.

Stretching a sentence with how example

Common Mistakes

  • Do not overfill your sentences. It will bog down the reader and the sentence with excessive detail.
  • Placing the perfect adjective in the best possible spot will draw more attention than overloading it with description.
  • If your sentences are overburdened with descriptions, change the verbs.
  • Always revise as it can bring out the best in your writing.
Diagram for Stretching a sentence with wh words
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