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Concept: Stretching a sentence with 'wh' words


  • Stretching a sentence means extending it by adding one or more words to give more information. It could be a phrase, a few words, or multiple clauses.
  • A sentence can be expanded using when, where, why, who and how. This helps to give more information and make the sentence less boring.

How to Stretch a Sentence with ‘Wh’ Words?

Let us see how to use the following details to stretch a sentence.
Who? Indicate more about a person, thing, or animal.
Examples: The boy won the race.


What? Explain what the subject or the noun does.
Examples: The girl was writing an essay.


Where? Explain where the action takes place.
Examples: He left for Kolkata last Monday.


When? Explain when an action or event occurs.
Examples: He left for Kolkata last Monday.


Why? Explain the reason why something happens.
Examples: She was tired so she slept early.


How? Explain how something takes place.
Examples: The girl cheered for her friend loudly at the program.


Common Mistakes

  • Do not overfill your sentences. It will bog down the reader and the sentence with excessive detail.
  • Placing the perfect adjective in the best possible spot will draw more attention than overloading it with description.
  • If your sentences are overburdened with descriptions, change the verbs.
  • Always revise as it can bring out the best in your writing.
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