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Use of This, That, These, and Those for Class 3 English

Words like ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘these’ and ‘those’ are used to indicate people and things. This concept covers the definition of demonstrative pronoun and examples. Students are also made familiar with the common mistakes that could occur while using them.

The students will learn the following from this concept is:

  • To use words in situations like ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘these’ and ‘those’.
  • To use of this that these those words in sentences.
  • To differentiate between this and these.
  • To difference between that and those.

This concept for class 3 has been explained using mind maps, illustrations and examples. Apart from this grade-specific information, students can solve two free printable worksheets consisting of demonstrative pronouns exercises. There worksheets are provided at the end of this page which will help to evaluate a student’s understanding of the topic. Solve the this that these those worksheet have also been provided in the PDF format.


The words 'this, that, these, those' are used to replace a noun and point out to a subject. They are also known as demonstrative pronouns.

Usage of 'This' and 'These'

The word 'This'shows a singular thing. The word 'These' is used for any noun that is plural. It also signifies anything or anyone near us or can be used to describe the thing better.


  1. This is my school.
  2. This example
  3. These are my friends, Nilu and Namrata.
  4. These sentence example
  5. This is the city we have lived in for almost 30 years.
  6. sentence on this

Usage of 'That' and 'Those'

The words 'That' and 'Those' are used to denote something which is at a distance. ‘That’ is used for singular instances and 'those' used in plural situations.


  1. Whose car is that?
  2. that sentence example
  3. That is a lake.
  4. Those are pretty expensive bags.

When are the words ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘these’ and ‘those’ used?

usage of this that these those

Common Mistakes

  1. 'This' is used with a singular thing and 'these' is used with plural ones. This/these indicate something or someone that is near us or for an introduction. It indicates the distance between the noun and the speaker. Do not use ‘these’ with singular verbs and ‘this’ with plural verbs.
  2. Examples:

    tick Thisis my car.

    cross These is my car.

    tick These are my pets, Rosy and Robin.

    cross This is my pets, Rosy and Robin.

  3. 'That' is used to denote singular things, and 'those' is used with plural words. It is used to show something at a distance.
  4. Examples:

    tick That is my book.

    cross Those is my book.

    Those are the new books.

    crossThat are the new books.

  5. Usually ‘that’ is used as a substitute for athing, not for an animal or a person.
  6. Example:

    Q. Have you met Mr. Nitin Patel, the new manager?

    tick A:He sits in the last cabin.

    cross A:That sits in the last cabin.

this that these those chart
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