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Describing Words

Emphasizing Adjective like 'own' & 'very' for Class 3 English

Words like own and very emphasize the noun and to stress ideas or emotions. In this chapter students will get to know the definition of emphasizing adjectives and how to use another word for emphasize. Students will also be made familiar with common exceptions or mistakes while using these words.

In this learning concept, the students will identify:

  • Common emphasizing adjectives examples.
  • Usage of words like ‘own’ and ‘very’ in sentences

Each topic of English Grammar has been broadly covered specific to each grade using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. Class 3 English students can evaluate their learning by solving the two printable emphasizing adjective worksheets given at the end of the page. Download for free, adjective worksheet for class 3 the relevant worksheets with apt exercises and check the solutions for provided in PDF format.


  • The words ‘very’ and ‘own’ are also called common emphasizing adjectives that are used to stress some ideas.
  • Emphasizing adjectives are words used to focus on a noun or the subject of a sentence.
  • The adjective that stress on a particular point, or a thing is called an emphasizing adjective.
  • These describing words can be applied to any noun that they modify, which could be a place, person, animal, or thing. They describe the things, feelings or actions effectively.
  • A sentence is complete without using an emphasizing adjective. These adjectives give emphasis to the noun in the sentence.


1.emphasizing adjectives examples

emphasizing adjectives examples

In the first sentence, the emphasizing adjective ‘very’ is used to stress the importance of the noun ‘dress’.

2.This is the dress I want to buy for my birthday party.

In sentence two, the emphasizing adjective ‘very’ is omitted, however, it is still a complete sentence.

Common Emphasizing Words

Some of the commonly used emphasizing words are given below with their corresponding nouns:

Emphasizing Adjectives Nouns(feelings/actions/things)
very thing
own eyes
total loss
absolute waste
utter confusion
perfect acheivement
pure joy

We will focus only on the words , ‘very’ and ‘own’.

Usage of the Words, ‘very’ and ‘own’

The words ‘very’ and ‘own’ are the common emphasizing adjectives used.

  • The word ‘own’ stresses on the possession of something by the noun.
  • The word ‘very’ is used when we want to indicate that the given noun is the exact noun that is being referred to.


Let us have a look at how they are used in a sentence.

a.Usage of emphasizing adjectives

Usage of emphasizing adjectives

b. Don’t you have your own notebook?


Emphasizing adjectives can also be used together. The words ‘very’ and ‘own’ can be used together to emphasize on an idea.


Finally, I got my very own car.

exceptions for emphasizing adjectives

Have a look at the mindmap to understand the usage of 'own' and 'very' better.

Chart for emphasizing adjectives
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