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What Is Compare And Contrast

Compare and Contrast: Class 3 English

Compare and contrast will help students with reading, organising, remembering information and identifying subtle differences between text or characters or concepts. In this chapter, the student will know compare and contrast meaning with examples. They are also made aware of the common errors that could come up while comparing and contrasting.

From this learning concept students will also learn:

  • Words used to show comparison with examples of usage.
  • Words used to indicate the difference with examples of usage.
  • What is compare and contrast?
  • Compare and contrast examples.
  • The difference between compare and contrast is shown through Venn diagrams of characters, situations and objects.

All the learning concepts covered on this website have illustrations, mind maps, and examples. Class 3 students can determine their understanding by attempting to solve the two printable PDF compare and contrast worksheets. The solutions to these worksheets are also available in PDF format.

Compare and Contrast Definition:

  • Compare is to tell what is same between two things.
  • Contrast is to find out the differences between two things.
  • Compare and contrast is used when we have to choose between two things.
  • A Venn diagram is used for compare and contrast. It is a diagram used to create a comparison between two or more objects, people or events.
  • Comparing and contrasting characters, objects, settings, subjects when you read helps to highlight certain details within the text.
  • It also helps to organize information for better understanding.
 Venn diagram


  1. Let us compare and contrast Cats and Dogs.
    Venn diagram with example
  2. Let us compare and contrast the two girls who are having a good time at a popular café.
    compare and contrast with example

Words Used to Compare

Authors use certain words to compare. They are:

Words that are used to Compare
same like
also both
alike similar
similarly as well as
likewise same as
too in common

Usage of Compare Words in a Sentence:

  1. Both dogs and cats can be pets to people.
  2. We are alike in our food preferences.

Words Used to Show Contrast in the Text

Authors use certain words to show contrast. They are:

Words that are used to show Contrast
Different Difference
but unlike
although however
while on the other hand
Despite even though
in contrast to as opposed to
whereas on the contrary

Usage of Contrast Words in a Sentence:

  1. Cats are carnivorous, while dogs are omnivorous
  2. I tried to open the door, but it was too tight.

Common Mistakes

  1. Always compare and contrast subjects that are under the same categories.


    Cats and Dogs
    Birds and Dinosaurs

  2. Organize your points into a proper structure or outline: Write a sentence about Y right after you define X. This way you will understand whether you are going in the direction or not. Just create a table, or a chart and note down the points in respective areas.
  3. Don’t give opinions: You must not write any personal thoughts. Explain the contrast and comparison without expressing your feeling or emotions. It should be based on facts only.
Mind map for Compare and Contrast
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