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Reflective Pronouns: Words ending with 'self' & 'selves' for Class 3 English

Reflexive pronouns are used when the object and the subject of the verb indicate the same person or thing. This concept has been detailed with the reflexive pronoun definition with examples. Students are also made aware of the common mistakes that could occur while using the words like themselves, herself, himself, etc in a sentence.

In this concept the students will learn to:

  • Use the words self and selves with 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd person, singular and plural nouns.
  • List the rules to remember while using pronouns.

This concept for class 3 has been presented using illustrations and mind maps. You can assess your learning by solving the reflexive pronouns exercises  given at the end of this page. Download the reflexive pronouns worksheets and check the solutions provided in PDF format.

Reflexive Pronoun Definition:

  • Words that end with '-self' and '-selves' are called Reflexive pronouns.
  • Reflexive pronouns refer to a person or thing on whom the action is performed. In other words, reflexive pronouns are always objects of the verb in a sentence.
  • For example, words like itself, himself, herself, myself, yourself, yourselves, ourselves, themselves are reflexive pronouns.
  • They are used to express when someone is performing an action on her/his own.
  • -selves is used in the plural and -self in the singular pronouns.
  • It is necessary to use reflexive pronouns to give a basic meaning to the sentence.
  • Reflexive Pronoun Examples::

    reflexive pronoun sentence example
    reflexive pronoun sentence example

Usage of Reflexive Pronouns

Plural/Singular Reflexive Pronoun Examples Corresponding Personal Pronoun
1st Person ourselves We enjoyed ourselves a lot. We
2nd Person yourselves "Please take care of yourselves", said the Principal. You
3rd Person themselves They cooked the food all by themselves. Them/They
1st Person myself I made the shirt for myself. I/me/my
2nd Person yourself Keep the secret to yourself. You
3rd Person(Female) herself She brought the dress for herself. She/Her
3rd Person(Male) himself He blamed himself for all the chaos. He/Him

Common Mistakes

  1. While using a reflexive pronoun in a sentence, do not write the root separate from the suffix. It should be written as one word as there is no space between the two parts of the word.
  2. Example:

    Reflexive pronoun common mistakes

    crossBe your self.

  3. Using ‘self’ instead of ‘selves’. The suffix used in a reflexive pronoun ‘selves’ is used in the plural form and ‘self’ is the singular form. ‘Self’ is used at the end of reflective pronouns like himself, herself, myself, itself, yourself.

    ‘Selves’is used at the end of reflexive pronouns with plural pronouns like themselves, ourselves and yourselves.

  4. Example:

    tickThey did it themselves.

    crossThey did it themself.

  5. A common error is to use a reflexive pronoun instead of a personal pronoun like I, he, me or him.
  6. Example:

    tickFor the weekend function, few others and I will be performing a classical dance.

    crossFor the weekend function, few others and myself will be performing a classical dance.

    The pronoun here is part of a compound subject: ‘few others and I’. the letter is‘I’ is the subject pronoun here.

    tickAll the discussions between the third party and me will be as per protocol.

    crossAll the discussions between the third party and myself will be as per protocol.

    The pronoun here is part of the compound object of a preposition: “between the third party and me.” ‘Me’ is the object form here.

  7. Don’t use a reflexive pronoun after a preposition of place or location.
  8. Example:

    Reflexive pronoun common mistakes

    crossShe put the bag next to herself.


  1. Reflexive Pronouns with Objects.
    1. When an action is done for ourselves, it is used.
    2. verb + reflexive pronoun + object Reflexive pronoun common mistakes Reflexive pronoun rules
    3. verb + object + reflexive pronoun, when we want to stress that the action was done by the same person.
    4. Reflexive pronoun common mistakes Reflexive pronoun rules
  2. By with Reflexive Pronouns
  3. When the person is alone or not with anybody else then use by + yourself/myself/himself etc.

    Reflexive pronoun rules
reflexive pronouns chart
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