Picture Composition: How to write a story using pictures - Class 3
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Picture Comprehension

Story Writing Based on Pictures for Class 3 English

In this chapter, students will learn observation skills to draft a story given in picture comprehension for class 3. Students will know how to attempt creative story writing based on pictures with comprehensive examples. Make a note of the common mistakes that students should avoid in order to excel at writing a story for picture composition.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the:

  • Ways to make a story from pictures.
  • Factors to consider while describing a picture.
  • Acronyms help answer related questions easily.
  • Story writing based on picture examples.

The picture composition has illustrations, examples and creative charts to make the topic exciting. Students can access the free worksheets that consist of story-making from pictures. These worksheets are available with their solutions in PDF format.


In a picture composition students observe the picture carefully to describe it or put it in the form of a story.

A picture can be a worth a thousand words and ideas as popularly said.


Examples for Story Writing Based on Pictures

Q.Look at the above picture. Write a story about the day you went to the park on a family picnic. Use the picture as a reference for your composition.


My family had decided to go on a picnic at a beautiful park. My father, mother, sister, and pet dog all left for the park early morning. We were excited to spend the time at the park.
Since it is a little away from the city, we started our journey to the picnic spot early in the morning. We got a lot of food and toys. Once we got to the park, we selected a spot to place the mat. After we had got all our things, my father suggested we play with the Frisbee. My sister and I joined to play with him. We played football after that, and even our pet dog played with us. We had loads of fun. After a while, we ate a few sandwiches which mom had made. In the afternoon, we sat under a tree and rested for a while. In the evening, the tea and corn sellers passed by. We brought some corn and ate it happily. We ended our picnic before it got dark. It was a memorable day, and we enjoyed the entire day.

How to Write a Story from a Picture?

  1. Observe the picture carefully to determine the basic theme. If the student is unable to understand the theme, it is advised to create a theme that is connected with the picture.
  2. Try to structure the picture as per the elements of a story. Divide it into Introduction, body, and conclusion.
    1. In the introduction, give a general theme of the picture with the setting or location.
    2. Setting – Where and When a story takes place? You can also introduce the characters here.

    3. The body of the story will include:
    4. Action – What the character or speaker does? This part will include the actions of the character and a little bit of imagination to give it a story touch.

      Characters – Name the characters to lend a personal touch to the story.

      Emotions – The general mood as per the picture and how emotions change as the story goes forward.

    5. Conclusion
    6. You can conclude the story by giving a resolution to a problem or giving a general emotion where the reader would feel happy at the end.

  3. The full structure of the picture composition must be planned in mind before starting to write the same. Spread out ideas throughout the composition.
  4. The ideas must be mentioned in a sequence and logically to make it an effective structure

Common Mistakes

  1. Use the past tense when speaking about an experience in the past.
  2. Ensure to include the three main parts of picture composition: An Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. All these three parts have to be separate paragraphs. Do not write all the parts in one paragraph.
Anchor chart for Story Writing Based on Pictures
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