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Halves and Quarters for Class 3 Math

This learning concept will introduce the students to halves and quarters. Also, the students will get to know about the halves and quarters of geometrical shapes and collections.
In this learning concept, students will learn to

  • Identify halves and quarters
  • Classify two halves of objects and geometrical shapes and quarters of objects and geometrical shapes.
  • Identify three-quarters of objects and geometrical shapes

Each learning concept is explained to class 3 students with examples, illustrations, and a concept map. At the end of the page, two printable worksheets for class 3 with solutions are attached for the students.

Download the worksheets on halves and quarters to assess our knowledge of the concept.

What Is Halves?

If a whole thing is divided into two equal parts, then each part is called half.


halves of watermelon

Halves of Geometrical Shapes

  • Some geometrical shapes have equal halves.
  • Every geometrical shape cannot be divided into equal halves.


halves of geometrical shapes

Halves of a Collection:

Halves also represent two equal parts of a collection.


Here is a collection of animals given below who can fly.

halves of collection

In this collection of animals, half are birds and another half are butterflies.

halves of collection

What Is a Quarter?

  • If a whole thing is divided into four equal parts, then each part is called a quarter.
  • The plural form of the quarter is called quarters.
quarters of watermelon

Three Quarters:

If a whole thing is divided into four equal parts, then the three parts are called three quarters.

quarters of cakes

Quarters and Three-Quarters of Geometrical Shapes:

  • Every geometrical shape can not be divided into quarters or three quarters.
  • Here some examples of geometrical shapes are given which can be divided into quarters and three quarters.
quarters of geometrical shapes

Quarters of a Collection:

Quarters also represent four equal parts of a collection.


Here is a collection of flowers given below.

quarters of collection

In the collection of flowers, three are violet flowers, three are pink, three are blue, etc.

quarters of collection

Relation Between Halves and Quarters

  • Two halves are equal to a whole.
  • two halves of watermelon
  • Two quarters are equal two a half.
  • two-quarters of watermelon to make half watermelon
  • Four quarters equal to a whole.
  •  four quarters of watermelon to make full watermelon
new learning of halves and quarters
did you know of halves and quarters
mind map of halves and quarters
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