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Adjective of Number for Class 4 English

An adjective of number indicates either the number of nouns or their place or position in a specific order. These adjectives state the number of objects or persons. In this chapter, students will learn the numeral adjective definition, usage, and usual errors that might occur while using them.

In this learning concept, students will learn:

  • Types of Numeral Adjectives with examples and explanation.
  • Adjective of number examples in sentences.
  • Definite numerals and their subtypes with examples and definitions.
  • Indefinite Numeral adjective with definition and examples.

All the learning concepts of class 4 have used clear examples, illustrations, and mind maps to make them interesting and easy to grasp. Apart from conceptual details, students can also access the adjective of number worksheets. The solutions to these worksheets are also available in easily downloadable PDF format.

Adjective of Number:

  • Adjectives are words that modify or describe nouns or pronouns. Adjectives gives more information on the quantity of a thing, people or animals.
  • Adjectives of number are the adjectives which show number of nouns or pronouns including their position or place in a certain order in the sentence.
  • These adjectives are also called numeral adjectives.

Types of Numeral Adjectives

Describing the nouns in terms of number is not simple; hence adjectives of number or numeral adjectives are further divided into three types. We will learn more about the two types of adjectives i.e. definite adjectives and indefinite adjectives.

Numeral Adjective chart

A) Definite Numerals

  • Definite numeral adjective states the exact number or position of people or things.
  • In other words, these adjectives show the definite amount of something.
  • These adjectives are numeral words like first, second, one, two, hundred, etc.
  • However, to better understand the usage of these adjectives it has further been divided into: cardinal adjectives and ordinal adjectives.


Definite numeral adjective examples

1) Cardinal Adjectives

  • The adjectives which show the quantity of persons or things like one, two three, four, etc., are called ascardinals.
  • Cardinal or cardinal numerals express number such as one, two, three.
  • A quick way to remember, it always answers the question: how many?


a) There are three books on the shelf.

b) Riya is 9 years old.

2) Ordinal Adjectives

  • Those which shows a serial order in which a person or thing stands as first, second, third, fourth, etc. are called as ordinals.
  • Ordinals or ordinal numerals refers to the series of numbers. It answers the question which one in the series? Such as first, second, third.


a) John ranked in the first place during the annual sports.

b) She was standing in the queue in the second place.

B) Indefinite Numerals

Indefinite Numeral Adjective is an adjective to describe noun which is not specific. They do not state or mention exact number of things or people.

For example –all, some, enough, none, many, few, severale tc.


Examples for Indefinite numeral adjectives

Common Error

While using cardinal and ordinal together, make sure the ordinal precedes the cardinal.


a) The five first women will be given the opportunity.

b) The first five women will be given the opportunity.

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