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Types of Adverb

Adverb and its types: Adverbs of Time & Place

An adverb is a word that conveys more information about a verb in a given sentence. Adverb and its types include adverbs of time and place apart from others. Adverbs of time add or change the meaning of a sentence by telling us for how long, when and how frequently something happens. An adverb of place is used to indicate the location of the verb's activity. In this learning concept, students will learn:

  • Adverb of time examples in sentences.
  • Adverb of place examples in sentences.
  • Usage and importance of these adverbs.

All the class 4 English learning concepts have dealt with concepts using examples, illustrations and mind maps which makes it easy for students to learn. They can also access the PDF worksheets that consists of adverb exercise for class 4. The adverbs of time, place and manner worksheets with answers are available in PDF formats.

Types of Adverbs

  • An adverb is a word that modifies (or gives more information) about a verb in a sentence. For example, she is dancing to a song gracefully.

    The adverb ‘gracefully’ modifies the verb ‘dance’ by giving us more information about how she danced.

  • Adverbs modify verbs by giving us information about certain aspects of verbs.
Use of adverb

Adverbs Based on the above aspects, adverbs are divided into the following types.

A) Adverb of Time

Adverbs change or modifya sentence by telling us about the time when certain actions happen. These words are called adverbs of time.

Some common adverbs of time include words like afterwards, already, always, during, finally, late,lately, etc.


Adverb of time examples

B) Adverb of Place

  • The adverb of place provides information about the place where an action takes place.
  • Adverbs of place are words that answer the question ‘where?’ in the sentence.
  • Some common adverbs of place are words above, below, beneath, in, inside, into, everywhere, etc.


Adverb of place examples

Common Error

Both ‘never’ and ‘not’ are adverbs. Usage of ‘never’ in place of ‘not’ is incorrect as both the words show negation. Always use only one word.


a) I did not go to Kashmir last year.

b) I never went to Kashmir last year.

Types of Adverbs
Mindmap for adverb of time and place
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