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Writing a Poem

Cinquain Poem for Class 4 English

Want to write a fun and easy poem that does not require a lot of words? Start with a cinquain poem, a 5 line poem. In this chapter , students will learn cinquain meaning and exceptions to the rules of writing it.

In this learning concept, the following have been covered:

  • Rules for a Cinquain.
  • Cinquain poem examples.
  • Cinquain Format.

All the English grammar concepts on this website have illustrations, examples, mindmaps. Students can check their topic-related skills by solving the worksheet for class 4. Download the worksheets and access the solutions provided in PDF format.

What is Cinquain Poem?

  • A cinquain is a five-line poem. It is pronounced as ‘sincane’.
  • Cinquains have vivid imagery and convey a certain emotion or mood.
  • It is a type of poem classified by a number of syllables each line the poem has
  • Cinquains are just five lines with only a few words in each line. Though they are just five lines they tell a small story.
  • Sometimes instead of having descriptive words they also have an action (what’s happening) a feeling caused by the action and conclusion or ending.

Rules to form a Cinquain

  • Cinquains must have five lines only.
  • Two syllables in the first line, four in the second, six in the third and eight in the fourth and just two in the last line.
  • They do not rhyme. You can add rhyme words.
  • All the words or the first words of each line, or just certain words or none of the words, can be in capital letters. Each poem can be capitalized differently, depending on the topic and the words used.
  • Slight variations in syllables are acceptable.

Let’s get started!

  • First you need to think about a topic
  • Write about your favorite things
  • Something that you dislike
  • Things which are around you
  • How do you feel about it?

Format for Writing a Cinquain

Let us have a look at the format of a Cinquain poem below.

Line 1: It should be a one word ideally a noun which is also the subject of the poem
Line 2: It must have two words that are adjectives which describe the subject in the first line.
Line 3: It should have three words which comprises of-ing action verbs–participles–that is linked to the subject in the first line.
Line 4: It will ideally have four words that is a phrase or sentence that depicts the feelings about the subject in the first line
Line 5: It will be a one word which is a synonym or a word that sums the subject in the first line.


Watermelon by Anonymous "Watermelon
Juicy, sweet
Dripping, slurping, smacking
So messy to eat

Cinquain poem example

Let us write a poem on My cat

Amazing Cats fluffy as my quilt.
When loved, always “purr’’
Amazing just when you look at the rainbow.
Love cats!

cinquain examples

You can also tell a story with cinquain that is in five lines .

  • Start with your subject in the first line
  • Start describing the subject
  • Add an action in the third line
  • Add emotion or feeling
  • End with a conclusion

You can follow this general pattern.


There is no mandatory rule that the lines/verses should be in rhyme. This offers more flexibility to the structure of the poem.

Mind map for Cinquain poem
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