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Declarative And Imperative Sentences

Declarative and Imperative Sentences for Class 4 English

Students will learn about declarative and imperative sentences, along with examples. They will also learn how these two kinds of sentences differ. Moreover, common mistakes that must be avoided while using this topic are also specified.

In this learning concept, the students will know about the following:

  • To identify declarative and imperative sentences.
  • To create declarative sentences.

Every concept is taught to class 4 English students with the help of examples, illustrations, and concept maps. Once you go through this, assess your learning by solving the two printable types of sentences worksheets given at the end of the page. Download the worksheet and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept kinds of sentences provided in PDF format.


A sentence can be classified into four types based on its functions. These four types are declarative, imperative interrogative, and exclamatory. There are a few kinds of sentences which you can use while speaking or writing. Each type of sentence serves a purpose. The kinds of sentences are as follows:

Kinds of Sentences

We will be focusing on declarative and imperative sentences.

  1. Declarative Sentence
  2. Declarative Sentences Fact
    • A declarative sentence is a statement that conveys information, facts, opinions and ideas.
    • A declarative sentence always ends with a full stop.
    • It can also be said that a declarative sentence declares certain information.
    • These sentences are also called assertive sentences.


    Declarative sentence examples
  3. Imperative Sentence
    • Imperative sentences are sentences that tell us about demands or a command. The main function is ordering and commanding someone.
    • The length of these sentences can be short.
    • It can end with a full stop.


    Imperative sentence examples

Common Mistakes

Punctuation is used in a declarative sentence.

Declarative sentences make a statement which is ended with a full stop. Do not add a question mark or exclamation mark with declarative sentences.


  • I wonder where she lost her keys.
  • I wonder where she lost her keys?
Kinds of sentences chart
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