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Kinds of Sentences

Concept: Declarative and Imperative Sentences

A sentence can be classified into four types based on its functions. These four types are declarative, imperative interrogative, and exclamatory. There are a few kinds of sentences which you can use while speaking or writing. Each type of sentence serves a purpose. The kinds of sentences are as follows:

Mindmap_Adverb of Manner

We will be focusing on declarative and imperative sentences.

  1. Declarative Sentence
  2. Declarative Sentence
    • A declarative sentence is a statement that conveys information, facts, opinions and ideas.
    • A declarative sentence always ends with a full stop.
    • It can also be said that a declarative sentence declares certain information.
    • These sentences are also called assertive sentences.


    Examples_Declarative Sentence
  3. Imperative Sentence
    • Imperative sentences are sentences that tell us about demands or a command. The main function is ordering and commanding someone.
    • The length of these sentences can be short.
    • It can end with a full stop.


    Examples_Imperative Sentence

Common Mistakes

Punctuation is used in a declarative sentence.

Declarative sentences make a statement which is ended with a full stop. Do not add a question mark or exclamation mark with declarative sentences.


  • I wonder where she lost her keys.
  • I wonder where she lost her keys?
Mindmap_Declarative and Imperative Sentences
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