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Sounds Words in English for Class 4

It is important to use sound words in English while writing a story as that helps to engage the readers. In this chapter, students will know the descriptive sounds, usage, and common mistakes that occur while using it.

From this learning concept, students will study:

  • Usage of words to describe a sound.
  • Sound words examples.
  • Some common descriptive sounds related to humans with examples.
  • Some common animal sounds in English with examples.
  • Some different sound words related to objects with examples.

All the learning concepts covered in Class 4 using mind maps, illustrations, and examples. Students can resolve the two PDF sound worksheets given at the end of the chapter. The solutions to these worksheets are also available in PDF format.


  • Descriptive sounds are words that imitate or suggest the sounds related to them.
  • It can be sounds made by humans (spoken or heard) or sounds made by animals.


Usage of sound words examples

Uses of Sounds in Text

Many sound words show the sound that the action makes. These words express sounds. These sounds help make the text lively and expressive.

Sound words can be memorized

A) Some Common Descriptive Sounds relating Humans.

In a story, characters express their thought or emotions with words. Sometimes their action also is accompanied by sounds words that tell you more about the current situation of the character.


arghExpression of annoyance.
babbleTo utter meaningless sounds.
brrSound of shivering.
burpExpel gas from the stomach.
clapSound made with palms together.
GulpSound of swallowing
hahaSound of laughter
heheHigh pitched laughter
munchChew noisily
shhSound of silencing

B) Sounds Made by Objects

Describing objects in the sounds of objects whether they break, collide, shatter, etc.


BangThe sound of an explosion
Beep-beepCar horn
ClinkSound of glass
FlutterSound of motion
Ring-ringPhone ringing
thudA big object falling
vroomSound of engine

Sounds Made by Different Animals


Alligators – Hiss, grunt, roarChicken-cluck
Bees-hum and buzzCocks –crow
Cats-mew,pur,hissDogs-bark, woof
Donkeys-he-haw(bray)Elephants-trumpet, roar
Eagles-scream, cryGiraffes-bleat

Common error

Overuse of Descriptive Words

Using too many descriptive sounds can confuse the reader in describing or imagine things.


  1. The tall young girl opened the attic door which made the door creak open.
  2. The tall young girl opened the attic door which made a creaking sound.
Mind map for sound words in English
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