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Antonyms & Synonyms

Concept: Find Meaning of Synonyms

What are synonyms?

  1. The word synonyms–‘syn’-meaning same and ‘ ‘nym’ meaning name.
  2. A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word.
  3. It can be two or more words or even complete expressions, in the same language.


    The walk has identical meanings like ‘stroll’, go, saunter, etc.,
    Jump has an identical meaning like ‘leap’, hop’ skip’




  4. Words that are similar but not identical are called synonyms.
  5. Words that have opposite in their meaning are called antonyms.
  6. With so many words. We have examples of some commonly used synonyms list:
abode Dwelling, residence
blank Empty, vacant
unfortunate Unlucky, frustrated

Words have three similar meanings.

approve Confirm,support,consent
broad Wide,vast,spacious
fortunate Favorable, lucky, happy

What are synonym clues?

  • Synonym clues are provided by the author when he uses more than one word that means the same. There may be a more difficult word followed by a rephrasing of a simpler word that will assist you in deciphering the meaning of unknown words.
  • A text provides synonyms of the unknown word to signal the meaning of the unfamiliar word.


  1. The Doctor’s writing was utterly illegible; no one could read the scribbles.
  2. It was an idyllic day – A sunny, warm, and peaceful walk in the park.

How do we identify synonym clues?

  • Notice the unknown word and then look through the sentence before and after the word.
  • Now predict the meaning you have understood and connect it with the text.
  • Lastly, reread the sentence using your prediction.



Common mistake:

Similar words are two different words that have the same meaning. But those two or more different words have to be a pair of noun-noun or verb-verb. It can’t be a noun-verb.


  • Walking - strolling
  • Walking - stroll
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