Make Antonyms and Synonyms Using Suffixes and Prefixes | Grade 4 English
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Prefix & Suffix

Make Synonyms and Antonyms for Class 4 English

In this chapter, synonyms and antonyms are explained to the students with definitions and examples. They will also learn how synonyms and antonyms will help develop their vocabulary.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • To make antonyms by using a prefix.
  • To find antonyms and synonyms.

Each concept is explained to class 4 students using examples, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through this chapter, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets at the page’s end.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept, Prefix and Suffix provided in PDF format.

What are Synonyms?

A Synonym is a word or phrase that has the same meaning as another word in the same language. ‘Syno’ means same, and ‘nym’ means name. If the meaning is not the same, the words have a very similar meaning in context.


 Synonyms examples  Synonyms examples
Close-Shut Sofa-Couch

Why are Synonyms Important?

  • Synonyms provide a variety of words that can be used in speech and writing. Also, when you are aware of synonyms, you avoid repetition of the word.

  • Sometimes, there may be more than one meaning of a particular word. The meaning of the word can only be used according to the usage in the sentence.

Check the list of examples:

house, home, abode
Group of Synonyms
afraid, scared, frightened car, vehicle, automobile
big, large, huge blank, empty, hollow
bunny, rabbit, hare cap, hat
center, middle, inside sofa, couch
evil, bad, wicked famous, well-known, popular
funny, silly garbage, trash, waste
hide ,cover ,conceal gloomy, sad, unhappy
afraid, scared, frightened car, vehicle, automobile
happy, joyful, glad
ill, sick, unwell idea thought
jog, run listen, hear
little, small, tiny, mini look, see, glance
mad, angry, furious mother, mom, mama
neat, tidy, spotless present, gift, reward
quick, fast, rapid, swift quiet, silent
rest ,relax, calm rock ,pebble ,stones
rug, carpet sack, bag
sniff, smell, strange, odd, weird

What are Antonyms?

  • Antonyms are words that are opposite to a word in the same language.
  • It originates from the Greek word ‘anti’, which stands for opposite, and ‘nym’ for the name.


Antonyms examples Antonyms examples
a) Hot – cold b) Up-down

Check the other examples:

Pair of Antonyms
Add -subtract After -before Last – first
Above – below Aware -asleep Lost – found
Bad – good Better – worse On-off
Big -little Clean – dirty Less -More
Cold- hot Dark – light High -low
East-west Even – odd Rich -poor
False – true Float – sink Lost -found
In – out Hard -soft Fail-pass
Love-hate Present – absent Quick – slow
Polite -rude Rough – smooth Same – different
Sell - buy Stop-go White – black
Win -lose Wet – dry Young- old

Use Prefix to Create Antonyms

Prefix and suffix are the letters that are added to the main word to change the meaning of the main word. We use all different prefixes and suffixes in our daily speech and writing. For instance, Happy –unhappy, Finished –unfinished, and Lucky –unlucky.


We can see that we added the prefix ‘un’ to the word friendly. The word ‘un’ means ‘not’; hence Shaman is not friendly to everyone

a) Rohan looks friendly;he shares his tiffin with everyone. b) Shaman looks unfriendly; he is always rude to everyone.
Usage of prefix to create antonyms Usage of prefix to create antonyms
Difference between synonyms and antonyms

Meaning of Prefixes

Prefix changes in the meaning of a word since some prefixes in the own meaning. Most of the prefixes change the words with the negative words.

Prefix Meaning Sample Words
dis- Not, opposite of Dislike
in, im Not Incorrect, impossible
mis Incorrectly Misunderstand
re Again Revision
un Not Interesting
under Below, lower than Underwater, underdeveloped

Use Suffix to Make Antonyms

A suffix is a group of letters added at the end of the word to change its meaning completely.


  • Present – presentable
  • Advise -advisable
  • Comfort – comfortable

Use Suffix to Make Synonyms:

A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word that changes the word’s meaning.


Suffix Meaning Example
-an,-ian One who is, or does related to. Human, agrarian
-ant,-ent Performing or being. Important, independent.
-ish Having the quality of Selfish, Spanish, bookish.
-ion Action or process. Section, portion, region, location

Common Errors with Incorrect Prefixes and Suffixes:

  1. Sometimes there could be confusion in using the correct prefix. Using incorrect or similar meaning prefixes to frame antonyms.
  2. Examples:

    The other team is so strong that ours is at unadvantage.

    The other team is so strong that ours team is at a disadvantage.

  3. There are times when incorrect usage of a suffix in a sentence.
  4. Examples:

    She is beautiness.

    She is beautiful.

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