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Antonyms and Synonyms

Make Antonyms for Class 4 English

This concept will teach to make antonyms for class 4 students whose meanings are the opposite of another word. They will learn to make antonyms by adding certain prefixes. They will also encounter common mistakes that need to be avoided while using antonyms.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • To find antonyms and synonyms
  • To construct sentences with antonyms

Each concept has been thoroughly explained in an easy-to-understand for class 4 English students using diagrams, examples, and concept maps. You can evaluate your learning by answering the two printable worksheets at the page’s end.

Download the free printable antonyms worksheet and check the solutions for the concept that are provided in PDF format.


  • An antonym is a word whose meaning is the opposite of another word
  • Antonyms are mostly adjectives but they can also be adverbs


Antonyms for class 4

How to Make Antonyms?

  1. Many antonyms are formed by adding prefix. The prefix ‘un’ is added to the main or root word.


    The prefix ‘un’ is added to the root word.

    Make Antonyms
  2. The prefixes dis-, in-, ir- and im- and il- are also used instead of ‘un’ with some words to create antonyms.



    Like Dislike
    Visible Invisible
    Regular Irregular
    Possible Impossible
  3. ‘Mis’ usually has the meaning of doing something wrongly, such as misinforming someone about something. However, most of the prefixes mean ‘not’, so it is just a case of learning which ones should be added to particular words.
  4. Antonyms are also made by adding a suffix to the main word. The adjectives that end with the suffix ‘ful’ usually take the suffix ‘less’ while written as an antonym.

    Antonyms After Adding Suffixes

    Useful Useless
    Hopeful Hopeless
    Painful Painless
    Harmful Harmless

How to find Antonyms?

  1. Analyse the main word, and the word changed: Sometimes, while making antonyms, the root word remains the same, and there is an addition of a prefix added to the root word.
  2. MeaningIt is important to know the meaning of the word as it will help you to give the right antonym. Without knowing the meaning, it will be difficult to find the right antonym.


A list of important antonyms is given below:

list of antonyms

Antonym Clue in a Passage:

In a story, you may find an antonym clue used to help you learn new words and understand their meaning.


  1. Sonal was cheerful when she had to plan for the picnic, but when the day came to an end, she was dismal about going back to a normal day
  2. My friends can be as different as day and night. One can be an introvert, and the other is an extrovert.

Common Mistake

Remember, one word can have multiple antonyms. Thus, don’t assume that one word will have just one antonym.


Word A B C
Many One Single Individual
Antonyms for Class 4 chart
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