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Senses Poem for Class 4 English

A senses poem is rich in imagery and helps to invoke emotions. It helps the reader perfectly visualize the scene that the poet describes through the five senses. In this chapter which is a part of effective writing skills for class 4 English, students will learn about the senses poem definition and all details related to it.

This learning concept covers the following:

  • To write a senses poem.
  • Structure of a senses poem.
  • Common mistakes and exceptions that could occur while writing a senses poem.

All the English grammar concepts on this website have illustrations, examples, mindmaps. Students can check their understanding by solving the worksheet for class 4. Download the worksheets that consists of exercises to improve writing skills and check the solutions provided in PDF format.


  • A senses poem describes a particular subject or a place or a thing or a season with vivid words that appeal to the five senses. It tells how the topic of the poem looks, smells, feels, sounds and tastes.
  • It is a poem of six lines that do not rhyme. Senses poem uses similes. There will be five lines that will indicate the five senses and one line will include an emotion related to the topic.
  • Senses poems create a vivid picture of an object or event as the words depict the reader's sensory experiences.​
Five senses

How to Write a Senses Poem?

  1. Choose a topic on which you will write a senses poem.
  2. Brainstorm the topic-related words, objects, and themes and phrase ideas for the poem. If you have trouble getting ideas, look at pictures and discuss them with friends or family to help you brainstorm better.
  3. Create a list of words related to smells, sounds, looks, feels, and tastes of that particular topic. You can start by using a topic that is simple like a season, a holiday or something you love to eat.
  4. You can use the first-person point of view.


    In Winter
    I see bright woollen clothes
    I can smell oranges
    I can hear shivers and coughs
    I taste hot soup and fries
    I taste jaggery sweets
    I sleep in a warm blanket
    I love winter

    Senses poem example images
  5. You can use similes in the sensory poem as well. By using similes in the poem, you can start the poem with similes. They bring more depth to the meaning of the poem.


    Summer looks as bright as the shining sun.
    Summers smells like a cold drink and ice cream.

Common Mistakes

Try not to make it too noticeable that your aim to write the poem was to excite the reader’s senses. It should flow naturally.


You can also work back. Decide on a theme. Make a separate list of words that will involve the senses in general. Then relate to the theme you have chosen.

Chart for Senses Poem
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