What are the Gender of Nouns? | Grade 4 English | Learning Concept
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Types of Gender for Class 4 English: Masculine, Feminine, & Neuter

The students will learn about the gender and the three different types of genders : masculine, feminine, and neuter gender. They will also know to change the genders of a noun if they add suffix.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • To change the gender of nouns
  • To identify the correct gender.

Every concept is taught to class 4 English students with the help of examples, illustrations, and concept maps. Once you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the printable gender worksheet for class 4 given at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept Masculine, Feminine and Neuter Gender provided in PDF format.

What is Gender?

  • Gender is the term used to show if a person or animal is a male or a female.
  • Words used to describe a gender are nouns that answer the questions ‘What is it?’ and ‘Who is it?’. These words give names to things, people, animals and places.
  • Some can neither be male nor female, which are categorized as neuter gender.
  • In the sentences given below, words like ‘girl’ belong to the feminine gender, and ‘boy’ belong to the masculine gender. But the word table is a non–living thing which is neither a male nor female, so it is described as neuter gender.


Types of gender Types of gender Types of gender
a) Riya is a pretty girl. b) The table is clean c) Little Sam sat on the chair.

  1. Masculine Gender
    • All males whether it is a person or an animal who show masculine qualities are categorized as the masculine gender. For example, man, prince, hero, king, lion, etc.
    • The nouns used to describe a male are nouns of the masculine gender.


    Masculine Gender Examples Masculine Gender Examples Masculine Gender Examples
    a) A man helped me, when I fell from my bicycle. b) He is the prince of England. c) Lion is the king of jungle.

  2. Feminine Gender:
    • Any person showing the qualities of a female is called the feminine gender. For instance, woman, queen, lioness, etc.
    • These nouns that refer to feminine qualities are therefore called feminine gender.


    Feminine Gender Examples Feminine Gender Examples Feminine Gender Examples
    a) The woman at the mall was very helpful. b) The lioness fought for her cubs. c) She is the queen of England.

  3. Neuter Gender:
  4. Things that cannot be categorized as male or female gender. Hence the words like house, knife, tree, chair, cupboard are termed as neuter gender.


    Neuter Gender Neuter Gender Neuter Gender


  • The pronoun ‘He’ is used for a singular masculine noun, ‘she’ is used for singular feminine noun, and ‘it’ is used for a singular neuter noun.
  • The pronoun ‘they ‘and ‘they may be used for masculine and feminine or neuter.

Changing Masculine Nouns into Feminine Nouns If You Add Suffix

Nouns can be changed from one form to the other. Some feminine nouns can be made from masculine nouns by the adding the suffix ‘ess’ to the noun.


Masculine Gender Feminine Gender
Lion Lioness
Heir Heiress
Priest Priestess
Author Authoress
Prince Princess


  1. Sometimes the noun form does not take the suffix ‘ess’ instead the word changes completely.
  2. Examples:

    Masculine Gender Feminine Gender
    King Queen
    Brother Sister
    father Mother
    Uncle Aunt
  3. Many nouns refer to people’s roles and a job which do not use a masculine or feminine noun but are neuter nouns. These words can be used irrespective of the gender of the person. For example, cousin, teacher, doctor, friend, & actor.
  4. Examples:

    Neuter Gender Examples Neuter Gender Examples
    a) Eva is my friend. She is a doctor. b) Rohit is my brother. He is a doctor.

    Gender Nouns Chart
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