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Building sentences

Parts of a Sentence

What is a Sentence?

A sentence is a group of words arranged in a specific order to make a complete thought.

A sentence includes three main parts –

Subject - (noun or doer of the action)

Predicate – (verb or action work)

Object – (a person or thing that is affected by the action.



  • The subject is the person or a thing who is the doer of the action.
  • It represents what or whom the sentence describes. It mainly contains a noun or a pronoun.




The predicate is what is said about the person or thing denoted by the subject. It includes the verb and other words in a sentence except for the subject.



The object is the part of the sentence that is acted on. It usually ends the sentence and forms complete meaning.



Most sentences are not short in length as the above examples.

There can be more parts of speech added to a sentence. It can be expanded to add meaning or description.

To make it more clear to understand, one must follow the S, V, O rule.


Basic Sentence Format

No. Subject Verb Object S+V+O=Sentence
1 I Play Badminton I play badminton.
2 She Swims In the sea She swims in the sea.
3 He drives a car He drives a car.
4 They love Their parents They love their parents.

Common Errors

The subject is widely used in English, so a number of errors can arise about how to correctly use it. When using two subjects in the same sentence, do not use the combination of a pronoun and a common noun.

Avoid using the pronoun along with a proper noun as a double subject in the same sentence.


  1. My brother and his friend speak Spanish.
  2. My brother and he speaks Spanish.
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