Past Continuous Tense : Definition and Examples | Class 4
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Past Continuous Tense for Class 4 English

Describe actions which began in the past and going on when another action takes place with past continuous tense. In this chapter students will know the past continuous tense definition and general errors that occur while using it.

In this learning concept students will :

  • Identify the differences between simple past and past continuous tense with examples.
  • Uses of past continuous tense with specific examples.
  • Know the past continuous tense structure with examples.

All English grammar concepts for class 4 have been covered using examples, mind maps and illustrations. To assess the understanding of a concept, students can easily access past continuous tense worksheets. The solutions to these worksheets are also available in PDF format.


  • The past continuous tense is used to talk about an ongoing activity in the past.
  • The past continuous tense refers to actions or states that were continuous which means they happened over some time.


Past continuous tense examples

Difference between the Simple Past Tense and the Past Continuous Tense

The past continuous tense is different from the simple past tense. In the simple past tense, the action starts and ends in the past itself. In the past continuous, the action described was in progress in the past.


Simple Past Tense

  1. I completed my class at 7 ‘o clock.

(This means that action started on the same day and finished at 7 pm in the evening.)

Past Continuous Tense

I was attending my class at 7 o clock.

(This means that ‘I’ was in the middle of attending my class but started doing it and continued attending my class after 7.)

Several Ways of Using the Past Continuous Tense

  1. We also use past continuous to say that an action or state was in progress at a specific time.
  2. Examples:

    Usage of past continuous tense examples
  3. It can be used to describe an activity in the past that was interrupted by another event.
  4. Examples:

    Examples for usage of past continuous tense
  5. We use the past continuous tense to express the two actions or states that happened at the same time.
  6. Examples:

    past continuous tense uses examples

The Pattern of the Past Continuous Tense

In the past continuous tense, there is a subject, an auxiliary verb which includes ‘was’ or ‘were’, and adding -ing to the main verb. If the subject is singular, we use ‘was’, and for plural subjects, we use ‘were’.

past continuous tense format


Subject Was/were Verb + ing
Was Singing

Common Mistakes:

Don’t forget to use the auxiliary verbs ‘was’ and ‘were’ in the sentence in the past continuous tense.

Incorrect and correct usage:

mark Ravi was doing his homework.

Cross Ravi doing his homework.

Mind map for past continuous tense
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