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Recap on Types of Noun in English and Abstract Nouns for Class 4

This concept is about revising different types of nouns in English with examples and pictures. It also teaches the students about abstract nouns and common mistakes that should be avoided while using Nouns.

In this learning concept, the students will learn:

  • To identify different types of nouns.
  • To find abstract nouns for class 4.

Every concept is taught to class 4 English students with the help of examples, illustrations, and concept maps. Assess your learning by solving the two printable types of nouns and abstract nouns worksheets given at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept, recap on different types of noun and abstract nouns, provided in PDF format.

  1. Proper Noun
  2. A proper noun is the name of a particular person, animal, or thing. Words like Mary, Hyderabad, Mount Everest are all specific names used for a person, place, or mountain, respectively.


    Examples for Proper Nouns Examples for Proper Nouns Examples for Proper Nouns
    Mary is dancing. Rahul likes wearing his blue jumpsuit. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in India.
  3. Common Noun
  4. A common noun refers to names given to every person or thing of the same kind or class. This name is not the specific name given to person, place or a thing, but it is a general name given to a group of person, place or thing. For instance, cow, dog, girl, boy, state, land, etc.


    • This farmer owns many cows.
    • My family will soon adopt a dog.
    • My neighbour is a smart girl.

  5. Collective Noun
  6. A collective noun is a name given to a collection of people, animals, things. This collection refers to things of the same kind. Examples for this type of noun are a class of students, an army of ants, a pair of shoes, a cluster of coconuts, a mob of deer.


      nouns examples nouns examples nouns examples
      The army of ants found their way back to their colony. The mob of deer ran away from the tiger. Always keep your pair of shoes together.

      Abstract Noun


      An abstract noun is a name given to a thought or idea. These ideas could be a name of a quality, emotion, state, or idea. The words beauty & sweetness describe a quality, whereas the words like childhood & adulthood are a person's state. These are words that describe an abstract thought or idea; hence they are called abstract nouns.


      Abstract nouns examples Abstract nouns examples Abstract nouns examples
      She is beautiful. Her braveness saved many people that day. Happiness is something to crave for.

      Types of Abstract Nouns:

      Abstract nouns can be classified into subcategories like quality, emotion, state, idea, etc. Abstract nouns cannot be counted; Hence they are uncountable nouns.
      Most of the abstract words fall could be grouped in the categories listed below. Look at a few of the examples listed under each category.

      Types of Abstract Noun
      1. Quality
      2. Think about all the qualities that a person might want or not want are a part of abstract nouns.


        • Madonna is known for her beauty.
        • Jaidev fed the poor out of the kindness of his heart.

      3. Emotion
      4. The emotions that a person feels, like anger, sorrow, and hatred are a few examples of abstract nouns.


        • Krutika felt grief after she lost the match.
        • Anger and sorrow gave him the strength to fight in the war.

      5. State
      6. It is a specific condition that someone is in at a particular time—words like being, peace, chaos, liberty, etc.


        • Peace can be achieved through mediation.
        • Lokesh couldn’t speak on the phone due to the chaos on the road.

      7. Idea
      8. Ideas refer to the thoughts that a person thinks of. This type could include words like beliefs, interest, sacrifice, etc.


        • Soldiers made great sacrifices in the war.
        • Rasesh has many interests.

        Common Mistakes:

        1. Some of the abstract nouns should not be used in plural form.
        2. ✔ There was a lot of hatred between the soldiers during the war.

          ❌ There was a lot of hatreds between the soldiers during the war.

        3. Most abstract nouns cannot be used with plural verbs.
        4. ✔ Kindness is rewarded by many.

          ❌ Kindness are rewarded by many.

        5. Some abstract nouns can be used in singular form, and some abstract nouns have a plural form.
          Some words are given below:
        Singular Plural
        curiosity curiosities
        ego egos
        peculiarity peculiarities

        Let’s take a look at all the types we studied today.

        Noun and its types Chart
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