Simple and Compound Sentences | Grade 4 English Learning Concepts
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Types of Sentences

Simple & Compound Sentences for Class 4 English

Simple sentences are the most common way of communication in written English. Compound sentences combine two or more simple sentences to make a single sentence. In this chapter, students will go through simple and compound sentences, their usage and common errors that occur while forming them.

From this learning concept, students will study:

  • Simple sentence definition with examples.
  • Compound sentence definition with examples.
  • Structure of simple sentences.
  • Structure of compound sentence

All the learning concepts covered for Class 4 have concept maps, illustrations, and examples. Students can check their understanding by solving the two printable simple and compound sentences worksheet with answers. These worksheets consist of topic-specific exercises. The solutions are also available in PDF format.

What is a Sentence?

A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. Sentences can be divided into different types. They are simple compounds and complex.

Simple sentence definition
  1. Simple Sentence
    • A simple sentence, as the name suggests, is the simplest form of a sentence. It contains the basic components that are the subject, verb and object. A simple sentence is said to show a complete thought.
    • has only one subject and one predicate.
    • has one independent clause and no dependent clause.
    Simple sentence format


    Simple sentence examples
  2. Compound Sentence
  3. A compound sentence has two or more independent sentences.These sentences are combined with the use of coordinating conjunctions.

    Punctuation can be used to form a compound sentence.Using a comma or a semicolon between two independent clauses can also create compound sentences.

    Use of coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences


    1. Raj waited for the train but the train was late.
    2. He ate all the ice cream,yet he was hungry.

How is a Compound Sentence Formed?

Compound sentences are made by using two simple sentences joined together.

Format of a compound sentence


Ramesh is sitting on the bench, and he is eating an apple.

Common Errors

Missing Comma in Compound Sentences.

A compound sentence expresses two ideas which is related, and it includes co-coordinating conjunctions to connect two sentences.

There should be a comma before the conjunction to indicate some type of relationship between the two independent clauses in the sentence.


  1. Riya went to the store and Lizzy went with her.
  2. Riya went to the store, and Lizzy went with her.
Simple and compound sentences chart
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